'Perth' Chapter

Perth Rune

This is the rune of secrets, hidden things. The only way that anything can be hidden is there must be a front of the readily visible, the obvious as opposed to the depth behind it. This rune can serve as a reminder to be aware of the immanent reality as opposed to the obvious.

We look for stairs that aren’t there while the actual path of ascent is right under our noses. We look for a path in our own thoughts, our own cleverness, or we expect to find a path in following the leadership of another. Where do these get us?

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“No matter how hard you try to keep your secret, it’s a universal law that sooner or later it will be discovered.” Mettrie L.

Rune of Secrets

If you recall when I began the rune series, I said I would not be doing a treatment of the blank rune. It’s a modern tack on and really not at all useful, I think, and besides, the Perth rune… Seek More

Reality is Porous

The Perth rune depicts that reality is not a closed system? With the open edge? Indeed. The thing kept secret seems secret because we at first think it isn’t there, or that it was lost, as if we had the… Seek More

Be Aware of the Immanent Reality

The ‘what if’ is always lurking somewhere. The ‘what if’ is actually perceptible, predictable, non-mechanical though. This time your car may start, but at some point in the future your car will fail to start, and it always happens in… Seek More

Walk the Stairs

What use is it to stand on a single step? Is it to stand on a single step? Screw in a light bulb? Reach something on a shelf? Only if you had that intention in mind before hand, and notice… Seek More

Trust Your Feet

The course of events isn’t “coincidental.” Everything is happening, has happened, and will happen against the same backdrop of persistent reality it always has no matter how much we try take it apart and declare one system as being separate… Seek More

Drop the Red Tide Wave

Perhaps the clearest example of the process I am trying to describe… We all are familiar with our social trance, yes? The role we are used to playing and the behavior that has become habit? Ever have a moment where… Seek More