Most of peoples impulses are right.

Walk the Stairs in Perth

Perth Rune

What use is it to stand on a single step? Is it to stand on a single step?

Screw in a light bulb?

Reach something on a shelf?

Only if you had that intention in mind before hand, and notice none of this has anything to do specifically with the act of stepping onto that stair?

Yes, otherwise you get on the step and think what the heck am I doing here? I have to get down.

Most people are doing a stair stepper exercise. They experience effort as they think, then step back down into their comfort zone, and they seem to believe that because they experience stress from these moments of stepping up into thought that they are doing work, living a productive and meaningful life. How far do peoples thoughts ever get most of the time?

One step. Nine-to-five job? Free-way traffic? Norm, security, comfort zone, but do they really feel secure?

Comfortable religious institution? Indeed, anyone really feel safe?

Bodily? No. Not emotionally either.

There is a step above thought. When you realize thought is a single step and all the steps are basically the same, you begin to look at more of the staircase. You can begin to see how your thoughts work together as a single force or process. Where might this lead us?

Realizing more potential. The stuff between the stuff we can’t see? Certainly beginning to articulate the notion of a destination at the top of the stairs, but it goes further than this. How confident are we generally when we come to an old rope bridge or a rickety ladder leading up to a high tree house?

Not confident at all. And with reason. Even without analysis our sense of reality and our environment tells us there’s risk in trying to go that way. So with this stairway of thought alone, how confident do you feel really?

Not very. And with reason. Some very clever people manage to get somewhere with the stairway of thought alone. They are like that really nimble kid who always manages somehow to make it while his friend always gets hurt trying.

I ponder high-energy physics as a “stairway of thought…” also, a whole lot of theological “reasoning.” Good connections there.

Are we all this nimble kid in our minds? Even the nimble kid gets hurt in time, gets too accustomed to ignoring the risk, but we don’t have to be nimble. Every thought we have occurs on foundation that existed before our thinking did. If we think the way we normally do it tends to be like prying the floorboards up off the stairs to make sure they are sturdy. What purpose would that serve?

Risk-assessment? For all our risk assessment, do we really succeed in avoiding risk?

Not completely, most accidents happen in the bathroom. And that’s a commonly known fact, yet it continues to remain true. Strange, no?

Nothing ventured, nothing gained? No courage, no medal? Actually, nothing ventured, vital essence lost. It’s not as safe as passive absence of gain. People don’t realize this, I think. If you won’t walk the stairs, you will walk circles in that padded room deep in your head. The confusion will build until you can’t even figure out how to get on that first step and keep your balance.

True and often the energy you put forth creates a wake of possibilities that buoys you up. Well, it seems to create it. In fact, that field of possibilities was already there, and you know if you are moving forward in an orderly and directional way because your thoughts will remain coherent, each will align itself with the others like parallel magnets do. It’s what I think they are talking about when they notice that something “just feels right.” You will feel the sense of integrity in yourself. The thought will affirm your consciousness instead of your consciousness trying to sustain the thought.

Being “in the Zone”? Alignment of energies and purpose?

Being in love.

Exactly. The reason we have the nagging urge to climb those stairs is in fact we are the architect of the entire house. Our soul knows that we need to ascend the stairs, that we need to self-actualize.

“We are climbing Jacob’s ladder….” Yes. Or climbing our own best ladders. So why do we wind up climbing the walls?

Again it comes perhaps back to tonight’s Perth rune. We look for stairs that aren’t there while the actual path of ascent is right under our noses. We look for a path in our own thoughts, our own cleverness, or we expect to find a path in following the leadership of another. Where do these get us? Reality isn’t accidental.

Stuck between here and there.


Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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