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Working With Familiars: Automatic Writing in Familiars


Ready for another technique to communicate with your familiar?

This one is known as automatic writing. It’s more subtle, but is in some ways easier than the magick mirror which is more generally called scrying. With automatic writing, the set up is the same. Focusing your inner attention on the familiar, and working out your intention for contacting it. Then you use some sort of relaxation, or trance inducing technique, to open your temporal lobes.

The automatic writing technique is also practiced in another tradition for its own sake. Among monks and mystics in India, it’s known as Japa. The repetition of sacred phrases to evoke a spiritual state in the monk/mystic, but it can just as easily evoke the spirit communication as well.

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It doesn’t have to be any specific words, or even words at all. You just relax and pretend like you are doing the writing task. You don’t control it, just let your pen or pencil play over the paper while you remain open to that inner communication, and the scribbles resolve into words (or word parts) naturally. With practice, they will become short phrases, and you can decipher the response from there.

Now in the case of automatic writing, you can use another technique with the finished writing. Pendulum dowsing can let you get yes/no/neither responses to what you think the writing might be. This lets the familiar guide your ideo-motor responses, and helps to lessen misinterpretation.

How is pendulum dowsing done? Oh, there’re differences. But you will find that as you practice working with suspending a pendulum, there will be specific movement patterns linked to either your positive, your negative, or your undefined state. So it’s something you can discover on your own in a way, as long as kinesthetic feedback isn’t a challenge for you for some reason. It is for me. My ideo motor response is over reactive.

There are many more techniques, but a small sample is a place to start at least.

I have done the magic mirror one since I was a young, but just to scare myself. You now can do it constructively, and not to scare yourself.

The door open is good in case something wants to gobble me up. Nothing can manifest that easily I assure you, unless you live in a very weird place.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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