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Evolving Earth in Sacred Places

Sacred Places

Every place has a “spirit”, a perceivable essence be that chi or a genius loci.  Places themselves have seemed very alive throughout human history. In fact, the “gods” referred to in feng shui were originally perceived spirits native to a place. A tree, a large stone, etc., basically very similar to Shinto kami.

The Earth is a spirit? The greater earth itself, yes. The Gaia theory has a big part to do with sacred places in old traditions and spiritualities, and the more pagan pantheistic views.

Why was Earth the only planet not named after a God? Earth is a new name for our planet, and it has gone by the name of deities and earth related spirits before. Gaia being one of them. Gaia is of Greek origin, and Geb is Egyptian. All gods and goddesses of the earth.

The Native American views were more down to earth in a way. She was referred to merely as the earth mother, and the great spirit or Wakan Tanka washer consort, but the lesser spirits of the land are the direct children of the earth mother. Even before the industrial age, not only was the earth itself viewed as alive and divine, but features of it were considered both independent and yet also embodiments of the sacred earth power, the source of all life. Even in science, life is seen to have started from the yin or receptive magnetic force, and the ionization of the yang solar force creating the requisite atmospheric electricity. So for example, the electrical activity of a volcanic mountain has a different spirit then the wide spread bioelectrical fields of a wetlands region.

I think we as a planet are becoming more spiritual? I would agree, and we have help. There are environmental factors that are changing, increasing phenomenon like light ball lightning, even gravitic anomalies like the Oregon vortex and the Bermuda triangle.

The future is brighter than we think? The future is not set in stone for anyone or anything. The world is very much alive so one factor may change to be replaced with an adaptation. This is happening very steadily and even our brain chemistries are changing. Increasingly higher dopamine levels whether we are training our young to manage that or not.

Evolving? Yes, in a sense. I would venture that the punctuated equilibrium has hit another comma for us, and we see greater and greater incidence of “genetic defect” with that judgement being debatable in my view.

So we are shifting from ‘survival of the fittest’ to ‘survival of the wisest’? Yes basically, and survival of those who trust the wise as was always advised in world faiths anyway.

Who is the wise? The wise are yet surfacing, and the wise won’t declare themselves as so. People as a whole will recognize wisdom and either seek it or reject it in fear. Sort of a twelfth monkey effect. Trust your intuition.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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