'Sacred Places' Chapter

Sacred Circles

Every place has a “spirit” and the earth itself is a spirit. The lesser spirits of the land are the direct children of the earth mother. Think of the power spots as being high energy traffic areas. The powers you deal with are everywhere, but if you need to recharge you can either create a focus or go to a natural one.

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“Domestic altars are deliberately set into the everyday, as a way of infusing the ordinary with the sacred. It doesn’t take a whole room to create a place to worship.” David Bennett

“Place matters to us. We often call it sacred ground where earth meets heaven.” William Cooke

Evolving Earth

Every place has a “spirit”, a perceivable essence be that chi or a genius loci.  Places themselves have seemed very alive throughout human history. In fact, the “gods” referred to in feng shui were originally perceived spirits native to a… Seek More


When they are investigating possible hauntings one of the first things they look to, because it is established, is weird electrical fields, faulty wiring and such. They do have an impact on human consciousness, and in my own experience it… Seek More

Sacred Power

Does the theory of sacred places pertain to virtual spaces? Yes, and any energy that moves you closer to zero point resonance, which rather than being a void or empty headed state is more like highly amplified alpha wave brain… Seek More

Using the Power

Tuning in is like wireless internet the old way.  Our legends of information being shared over great distances, by any who focused on feeling the power in the world, are so common as to be refutable only in particular elements,… Seek More

Spirit Awakening

Documentation on how sacred places were located is scattered. They used pendulums or dowsing rods and many of the legendary water spirits were believed to dwell at places that were basically sacred sites, and not every sacred site welcomed everyone. … Seek More

Circular Thought

Tonight, we are discussing circles. Perhaps I should get right to the heart of the topic and work out from there. Properly ordered thought is circular thought, and much as that may sound irrational, what is our life, as we… Seek More

Central Observer Self

What would you say best symbolizes modern thinking? Nature itself favours circles, cells, DNA helix patterns, which looked at from the top down would look like a wheel. What about a grid? We think like our maps? Indexes. We want to… Seek More

Breaks in the Circle

Let’s lay a grid over our mandala of observer and beliefs. Now as you navigate this model, you have to obey all the lines you encounter. How smoothly does the grid covered mandala flow? It doesn’t mesh. Let’s give our… Seek More

Order is Us

Can our circles remain unbroken forever? Can we, through any effort of keeping order in our lives, prevent this? It seems myopic or stunted to me. In the breaking and reforming of the circles is mankind’s evolution. Would that get… Seek More

Hyperspace Between the Circles

If all our circles are intersecting with each other, would it be logical to say circles seek other circles for awareness/experience? It would. This is why ceremonial magicians of the west think of the circles as giving them the ability… Seek More