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Truth is beauty, and beauty truth. I have forever gazed upon beauty and am thus moved to engage its dark shadow.

Order is Us in Sacred Circles

Hermetic Circle

Can our circles remain unbroken forever? Can we, through any effort of keeping order in our lives, prevent this?

It seems myopic or stunted to me. In the breaking and reforming of the circles is mankind’s evolution.

Would that get boring if they were never broken?

True on both counts. They will inevitably be intersected. Ever notice that a fractal pattern never really looks like a neat and orderly mandala?

It is more dimensional. Too many serpentine convolutions, almost as if it’s made up of an infinite collection of broken circles. Is there a better way to describe it?

What does our common script look like? I mean cursive.

Broken circles. Nature playing out in human behaviour inevitably perhaps, but my point is, we can know both our circles and the breaks in our circles. There are points of correspondence and decision gates. If you have ever looked at a classical hermetic circle, you will have noticed that it has all manner of strange symbols and words arranged around it. The same is true of spirit sigils though in reverse, inside it. Is there one standard circle?

All our circles are interconnected with all others.

I don’t know of a standard. There is no real standard, but there is a system of order. Rather than imposing a rigid and unnatural order on our circles, you can map the vectors of the hyperspace between them. The map itself doesn’t consist of rigid geometric points, though some formalism is necessary in teaching a seeker to begin with. It’s more defined by the pattern of associations around the circle itself. Reconfigure the order, use a different set of words, and you morph the relationship of that circle to any other circle. The words and symbols in the circle are reminders to the user, perceptual anchors, to assist keeping their mind oriented in the desired way.

Reminds me of keys. Magick circles are indeed keys. Keys to a space that is salient and foundational to reality as we know it around us.

To focus our minds? Yes, as our minds remain focused, we are preserved in our sense of personal integrity.

So circles in magic are to align ourselves with the natural order? Our “soul” or identity remains in our own keeping no matter what we may experience when we call out to the universe around us. Shamans used to routinely retrieve souls for the lack of this orientation. It’s what a Native American medicine wheel is, a magick circle, though missing elements because their practice was perhaps more organic and spontaneous than western magicians.

We might say it is the mirror of life’s magic rather than magic in itself. It’s the self extended in the face of the infinite horizon. In order to improve our perspective, gaining a broader point of view, the most instinctive and unconscious magick circle is the horizon, and the oldest pagan symbolism reflected that. The midgard serpent was that horizon in its fearful aspect.

For western magicians, the magick circle was a projection of the self onto the night sky, the “heavens”, in order to understand and orient themselves in a way they found more desirable.

So we live within a magic circle. We do, as well as creating them in our heads, and we can know when our inner circle is our of order with the web principle. Are our points of contact with the world supporting or threatening our consciousness, and your consciousness is threatened when you have periods of non consciousness. When you don’t really know why you do things, or when you are not an active participant in your daily affairs, or if every moment of your day seems to be full of problems that “you didn’t mean”, issues you would rather not be involved in. Metaphorically, if you are surrounded by demons… Anyone dream of that? I myself have.

When chakras align it is like nesting circles. Indeed, aligned chakras make for an ordered and style dynamic aura. Like a mix of nuts in a jar, nature if permitted seeks order, and the only order to be found is in flow. You yourself seek order, but not crystallization. You seek understanding, not knowledge.

One might say that order seeks us as well. Order is us. We naturally grow toward self realization.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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