Thoughts come from people, people don’t come from thoughts.

Circular Thought in Sacred Circles

Sacred Circles

Tonight, we are discussing circles. Perhaps I should get right to the heart of the topic and work out from there.

Properly ordered thought is circular thought, and much as that may sound irrational, what is our life, as we perceive it, other than sets of seemingly self evident premises? Our unconscious minds follow that pattern quite naturally. I am alive because I am breathing. I am breathing because I can. I can breath because I am alive. In that line of thought, do most people include anything else?

They just accept it without question. Yes, mental disorder only creeps in when our circles are broken, when that circle of thought is interrupted with the realization that, though we are alive, we cannot in fact breath.

a=b, b=c, therefore a=c. Is that an example? That would be an example. All math and science uses premises like that.

We think of our life stories as being progressive, but they are really digressive. We think we have new experiences, and that some new conditions have nothing to do with previous conditions we have experienced, but really, it is most often the case that our personal histories are repeating themselves.

My point is… It’s said that what happens to us in life doesn’t matter as much as what we believe happened to us, and our beliefs are arrived at by what we believe to be experiential symmetry. In general, we will not believe anything that seems inconsistent with our life experience, so in a sense, not only is naturally ordered thought circular, it also exists as a pattern of nested circles.

Our beliefs are not algorithmic conclusions, because what they encompass does not manifest in a linear way. We don’t have to start with a premise and come to a conclusion to know we like chocolate pudding say, because the premise is itself also the conclusion. The alpha and omega come full circle. That circle is the self.

And what about that everything is happening at the same time so it is a mirage of circles? This is why everything is happening at the same time, because there is no linear progression. Instead, like the manifestation of the golden ratio we see in nature known as the nautilus shell, we have seemingly separate spaces and times existing as manifestations of the same core premise, the same defining equation. One start which is itself also the finish. Each seemingly separate cell of the structure remains consistent with the concept that remains at the heart of it.

So the circle or sphere represents all of the events happening at once? Indeed, it does.

A million trillion zillion points of experience on the same bubble of perception. Exactly, like a TV screen with its pixels, every belief we have emerges naturally from our core experience of consciousness.

Where hi-def is just the acknowledgement of all the other points. Indeed, and the variables that govern our personal experience of consciousness differ from one person to another. So biochemistry has a big influence on our food preferences. One person may really like pomegranates, which is a belief, while another may despise the taste of pomegranate, which is also a belief. But perhaps more interesting, than this simple observation, is that we all draw from the same circle or “pool” of physical and chemical properties. The gene pool as they call it. So in a sense, all of our beliefs are in fact the beliefs of that natural collective. We existing as extensions of the preexisting entity or force.

This is really the root of “sacred space” as they call it. Taking this originating circle and projecting it, in a sense, holographically into the space around us. It all seeming pretty orderly so far?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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