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It would be much more honest to say, ‘See you yesterday.’ For most, it’s what they see.

Hyperspace Between the Circles in Sacred Circles

Sacred Circles

If all our circles are intersecting with each other, would it be logical to say circles seek other circles for awareness/experience? It would. This is why ceremonial magicians of the west think of the circles as giving them the ability to command the spirits. It doesn’t actually do that. It just sets the scene for contact. It may seem like command is being exercised because the spirit in question is behaving exactly as expected, but in the hyperspace between the circles we know, all those abstract fractal vector patterns, well…

How is an avatar formed in Second Life? Defined vectors, lines following a prescribed structure, one set out in the simplest part of Second Life’s code, the “prims”, but evolving far beyond it. A spirit will respond to you, behave as you expect it to, because it is part of you, and you are part of it, but it is also greater than you. It’s “body” is formed not only of the vectors spinning off of your own circle, but of those coming from everyone else whose karma is linked in it, like the god in the centre of the mandala. People tend to seek god fruitlessly because they are misdirected in where to look. No one even really describes where anything else might be, but these metaphorical gods I speak of are non local. Omnipresent, because their essence is the source of all apparent beings. Omnipotent, because their energy stems from all potential and ability in the universe.

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Rather than local they are supra-local. Exactly, and they are omniscient because their thoughts are the basis of all knowledge and experience, and they are not “human hearted.” Sounds radical, I know, but the reason I say this is because when someone attempts to influence these manifestations of being in an inappropriate way, no matter how innocent or sincere their motive might be, the being responds only according to its nature, which is universal, considering the integrity of all circles the multiverse over.

It is the understanding that all Earth spirituality was formed around.

You set up a circle to preserve your own identity, like Moses being told to turn his eyes away from the presence of god perhaps, or people being unable to look directly at a UFO. You create a “filter” in which you can focus on your personal needs and concerns. It can seem like the spirit you communicated with granted whatever request you made of it, but in fact, all that happened was that as you were in the presence of primal being, you instead changed and redefined yourself in a more sophisticated or “evolved” sense. Like a child imitating mommy or daddy because they intuit that their parents have the understanding of the world the child wants for themselves. We don’t easily see our selves, not the entirety of our selves, so it’s helpful to have a model.

You do not believe that this space has sentience? I believe this space is sentience, and I also believe that there are beings that inhabit this sentience, but just as your skin cell isn’t the same as you, they are not the same as the higher being. I mean being in the universal or all encompassing multiple.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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