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If there is any reality then you are real, and your choices are based on you.

Breaks in the Circle in Sacred Circles

Sacred Circles

Let’s lay a grid over our mandala of observer and beliefs. Now as you navigate this model, you have to obey all the lines you encounter. How smoothly does the grid covered mandala flow?

It doesn’t mesh. Let’s give our inner mind all the credit we can then, and add the rule that whenever you contact a curved line you must follow it until it’s blocked by a straight line. With that pattern, what happens?

Do you follow the straight line when you hit it? Yes. Ah, then staggered, back and forth.

Now let’s look at our thinking as we have been taught to do it. What does it behave like?

Staggered, back and forth.

A seismograph.

If the grid style of thinking is really superior, it would lead to a more balanced and healthy mind, would it not?

Who said the grid was a superior form? Rationalists, mainstream scientists, industrialists, some of them at least.

No esoteric authority suggests that, do they? No esoteric authority suggests this really, but let’s for a moment consider why people so widely doubt esoteric teachings shall we?

And the “rational” authorities are more or less restrained by their ability to manipulate matter, yes? Which is an evident way of “solving problems.” How many esoteric schools teach effective methods of problem solving?

First, you must define “problem.” That which breaks the circle, that which disturbs the soul. Many seek solace in esoteric teachings and come away feeling they were left empty handed.

Return to source thinking. Indeed, that is a good way to go.

And their peace is limited by the limits of their believing. Actually, their peace is limited by the breaks in their circles. This is why they say not to break the circle lest you release the demon. What are demons other than diseases, distresses and fears? Does rational logical thinking leave our circles unbroken?

It cannot.¬†And yet we also can’t just trace a line anywhere, either. Would a spider, that just traced its threads anywhere at random, make a viable web? What would happen to the random web?

It seems it intersects the circle.

Fall apart.

People have been getting lost in the counter culture belief that states that all truth is relative. Many would-be mystics paint the world with such a broad brush that it’s very hard to define a clear point to orient on. What would be the truth then?

Yes, people are glib if they do not really have an answer. Well, I will just continue with my line of thought, and maybe we will come back to this.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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