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You can revere the heros of our history who otherwise often lead sordid lives and will avoid any loss of faith because you are seeing the truth. The sacred is here in this life that you may have judged profane.

Hauntings in Sacred Places

Sacred Places

When they are investigating possible hauntings one of the first things they look to, because it is established, is weird electrical fields, faulty wiring and such. They do have an impact on human consciousness, and in my own experience it is possible to tell the difference. I suffered from a juvenile seizure disorder, and I am sensitive to seizures in others even today.

Is this where the ‘barrier’ is thin? No, in fact not. When exposed to bad wiring your brain tries to translate what is effectively blank energy. There is no natural pattern on the wiring usually so the brain sort of panics and it registers as very ‘other’. It makes people feel like they’re being watched because they sense the same energy as what’s in their brain, but just without information content.

There are other more natural factors, and we are sensitive to them in their natural forms. The copper in plants, the radioactive compounds in granite, the magnetic fields of iron rich rock. We sense these also, and they don’t impact us like bad wiring because they actually are natural and not blank. They are more like the human brain than the artificial flows we create to power things in our homes. For example, studies have been done of human reaction to the presence or absence of plant life.

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Do power plants scramble the fields? They do some, but these energies are much stronger than our technology and we also impress some of our own patterns on our technology. Fiber optic cables, quartz resonators in computer circuits, that sort of thing. We are even attenuating otherwise very mechanical radio broadcasts. They are picked up in our systems, the all too common fillings even, and radiate back outward with a more organic pattern. I got very dizzy once from a local power transformer blowing. People even have weird and usually very mild “hallucinations” in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines. Broadcast and memory material are nothing new.

Insects are very responsive to those fields and are often disoriented in that case, but places like the Amityville house have the same effect. My own system due to my genetic defect generates an abnormally strong electrical field. I use to pet honey bees as a kid, and they tend to nest in places that would be ley lines in deserts. These lines are a bit more messy in places heavy with rivers and the accompanying geological fissures.

When we sleep our brain shifts into delta wave patterns, roughly a 4hz signal. This stage is very sensitive and they have found that even magnetic activity seems to have a more powerful effect on the brain then. Most of the ancient Greek temples to Morpheus were placed very near streams. But if in one of the more marked power spots (either abnormally vedant and granite rich land, or dry and quartz heavy locations, there are many combinations of course), we can shift the brain by entering a meditative state, perhaps loosing yourself in prayer or ritual if you don’t practice formal meditation.

I have heard that in the year 2012 the sun’s cycle will peak? Yes, it’s part of the old Mayan calendar I believe it is, and I recall recently a record solar breach of our atmosphere.

It is said that this will trigger an evolutionary response? Indeed, the rise of the rainbow serpent perhaps symbolic of the kundalini force.

Sedona supposedly has tons and tons of quartz in the land there?  It does, and the kivas are likely dug in granite. Anyone can test the properties of granite if you sit or lay on it, it creates a “spaced out” potentially even delta wave state, and the Nazca lines in Peru are on land that is heavily salt flats. Salt is very electrically conductive.

I haven’t heard the term Nazca lines. Same as leylines? Yes, actually they show signs of being more complex and partially artificial. They are Inca.  Then there are also the Peruvian spheres that don’t show any sign of alignment necessarily, but why would they need to? They are made of the local granite. People seem very obsessed with alignment, but in my experience the universe looses no power when the order of things is messy. Sometimes it is even much more catalytic.

Regarding Sedona, the main place I’ve had experience with had energy off the charts. I was wondering why is it that you get the sense of sleeping and being supercharged at the same time? The radiation of the stone couples with the very high quartz field, which is on a level with human nerve function. The stone energy is soothing, but the quartz is stimulating. How many parents here seen their teen log off their computer and be very hyper for no clear reason, or how many have felt that way themselves?  The hormonal changes in teens tend to make addictive energy more pronounced. They likely feel more grounded at the computer though in trust they are more elevated and not at all grounded.

All the silicon? Yes. Various silicates and the copper, which is why if your computer shorts you can smell ozone. You can smell it in an area of heavy lightning storms as well.  Our computers are made of earth, fitting. Earth coming alive in a sense.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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