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If it has to change we want a say in it, we want control but people are unfit for control.

Sacred Power in Sacred Places

Sacred Places

Does the theory of sacred places pertain to virtual spaces? Yes, and any energy that moves you closer to zero point resonance, which rather than being a void or empty headed state is more like highly amplified alpha wave brain function, can serve as a sacred place.

The value of adding things to a sacred place is having a symbol of an uplifting principle or idea to sort of passively commune with. You can make you more sensitive to it in general, even if in a low energy place. So if you bring totemic items to meditate on when visiting a power spot, say something from an altar or that you keep in a medicine bundle, they also become empowered.

It’s not just the place that makes you fell higher? No, not just it. Think of the power spots as being high energy traffic areas. The powers you deal with are everywhere, but if you need to recharge you can either create a focus or go to a natural one.

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Like Machu Pichu? Yes, and these influences are spreading anyway. The instrument readings around the triangle are kicking in in places that officially aren’t in the triangle, and even our communication networks, terrestrial and non, are being subject to more inexplicable noise. Even ring driven algorithms are picking up still very ordered, but not actually programmed patterns. The earth is alive, and it’s influencing its own.

People just assume it’s bad tech or a lot of normal interference, but they have a limited paradigm? Well, if it’s these things then why so wide spread? Why would it fluctuate so much and more recently? You would think our delicate systems would be more perfectly shielded, no? And entrainment, the ganzefeld effect, and the super conductive level electromagnetic fields are sort of inescapable short of faking it?

I think you mean that basically we’re swimming in it? Glowing? Yes. The biosphere itself, the belt at which life can exist, rests roughly at the bottom of the ionosphere, the planets ambient electrical field. We have the nice life supporting atmosphere we have, due to what I believe is called the Van Allen belt. The magnetic field that’s generated by our fluid iron core and shielded us mostly from solar wind.

Would creating more sacred places with elements in our environment help us all calm down or would it charge us up? It would synch us up more, attuning us to those very interesting cycles like the bioluminescence pattern in the sea.  The earth is a big tesla coil, but in fact it is more like a big materially complex brain. Our brains are sensitive to it and all the patterns in it. This is why those with seizures were sought as oracles in Greece, electrical sensitivity.

Do we know why it’s getting stronger, at this time? Natural cycle, and likely new factors thrown in the mix. Every so often our magnetic polarity on the plane flips anyway.

The suns magnetic fields are increasing as it’s peak increases? Yes, the sun isn’t really the big centrifuge people think it is, it moves also, so we are moving with these cycles and more knowledge can be gained.

The planet itself is a memory medium, and we can plug into it. It is also present in our bodies, and the calcium is very electrically sensitive. The constantly flowing saline iron solution we call blood, we are sort of designed to be sensitive. It can even be agitated by sound, amplified or interfered with. So those using loud mantras are following a solid instinct though I wouldn’t say that’s vital. Transcendental Meditation tends to set up an alpha/delta wave state, so it is a great way to plug in if done with clear focused intent.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. Jeff

    Thanks Travis, I have been doing a little studying with natives
    and have given these things much thought. There is a very ancient
    medicine wheel near here and its location was also mentioned in
    the writtings of a Christian mystic a couple of centuries ago. He identified it as a holy place.

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