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There is a mechanism behind sex. A way and process. A purpose. The taboo notion arises from the limited shallow view of it.

Using the Power in Sacred Places

Sacred Places

Tuning in is like wireless internet the old way.  Our legends of information being shared over great distances, by any who focused on feeling the power in the world, are so common as to be refutable only in particular elements, not the phenomenon itself.

Mentally text someone for free as long as they’re in your network? Basically yes, this is why in Rhines experiments as well as his successors, attuned people, twins, lovers, or parent and child, usually mother and child, were most commonly able to send and receive data between them.

Extreme stress or emotion? The body soups up its normal energy cycles both chemically and electrically. This is part of why in the “dark arts” they actually suggest self inflicted pain and getting yourself into a dark mind consuming rage

Psicologic too? Yes. Most people don’t delve into all energy practice, and not all who do, do so out of ignorance or malicious intent. The Native American shaman would get quite berserk in dancing to drive out the disease spirit. They would get very angry at it. Most exorcism requires a very stern demeanour and exceptional composure, in a sense “deliberate psychosis” and for most it’s too taxing to even be viable let alone something they are willing to do on a personal level.

In feng shui they speak of nodes called shars, dead energy zones. They aren’t empty of energy, no place is, but they are often very static and chaotic like listening to a radio signal with no actual broadcast on it. Just like the bad wiring that makes people feel like their home is haunted (which of course doesn’t explain all haunting), that energy is potentially very powerful, but most couldn’t and wouldn’t want to use it. The old swamp witch, or the old Spanish necromancer, or Italian for that matter, harnessed the energy of the “Dead zones.”

Where do they tend to form? Deep swamps and crypts with a bunch of organic decay, any place that holds energy still, that stuns the mind and feels enclosed.

Unpatterned old energy? Yes, or incoherent.

Or chill? It would feel chill, yes, because it makes your own energy circuit short out so your energy bleeds. Many people get disoriented and despondent in the deep swamps from this very energy bleed, or some places in desert country, even some mountain ranges, literal truth in physics.

Is there a way to shield yourself? Amplified flow. An exorcist must pray passionately for a time before trying to cleanse a house. This amps their energy system and gives them additional energy from confidence. A shaman would whoop and holler when confronting negative energy for the same reason, or you can be willing to be lighting struck. One can with discipline and self knowledge serve as a capacitor.

In the Waking Life movie they talk about a evolutionary state that transcends the “binary” feelings. The ones we felt because of the body (electric, physical) to a new “digital” state where the concepts will be born from minds constructions and will not be refused by physical explanations or explained by it. I think that’s the way we can try to understand the energy that human kind can feel. Any sense? The essence of what they are calling aspergers syndrome, concept orientation and abstracted perception. Some say I’m slow because if you slap me I won’t go automatically defensive. I don’t experience the assault the same and I react after processing. And the intermittent stage, the subconscious sub processing, doesn’t occur in me at all. So if you slap me I might be more focused on feeling cold or hungry and will have to focus on having been recently assaulted.

Do you then reflect on it? Yes. I thought I was the only one as most think it strange. Nope, is why masochism isn’t really rare. Many of the lost who died in torture places stay, because on a level they liked it. They are often mistaken for demonic presences, but I promise they are of human origin.

If perhaps you have to handle a haunting. You can also maybe handle it yourself. The land itself often tries to reject the haunting presence, and it can be helped.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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