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Enlightened self-interest is wisdom. Everything has a cost and you will have to pay in one way or another. If you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, I feel it’s better to do what you will and accept the consequences.

Let Your Heart Sing in Center


Is his love good enough? Never enough of it? There is never enough of it, and that’s why relationships last a lifetime. This is good. For your center in your relationship, remember that. Remember the love he gives and give yours. Let yourself be moved by his love.  If your love can be moved from other people’s love, I think it’s a great gift of life. It is resonance. The divine chorus. Why not let your heart sing like that?

Because while breathing in it seems so silent, so empty? The sound echoes loudest in silence. Yay! Acoustics.

My relationships have been full of effort, but low in resonance. You attract people who are where you are. Example, those who are regulars in my classes either are where I am or feel a strong desire to be there. You have to have it before you can have it. Understanding comes to the understanding, peace to the peaceful.

Is loneliness really what it seems to be, and can another make you really feel that you are not lonely? It’s a real feeling, but no.  Loneliness is not what it seems to be, and another can’t make you feel not lonely.

Do you have to do it alone? Yes, and no. What makes you feel lonely might change right while your staring at someone. It changes in you, not in the world, e.g.o = everything good is outside.

Is there a risk in thinking that all is about me? Hmm, yes and no. If you think others are all about you, then you will forever be hurt and angry, or disappointed and sad, and for no reason. But if you see that your things are all about you and their things are about them, even if they do say something about you it’s still about them. Then yes, that’s the right track. The transformation someone might seek in union with another is a transformation they must do for themselves.  Hall of mirrors anyone? Myself I wasn’t fond of the funhouse, so I like open air. Nothing reflected, and I can feel me.

Consider the funhouse one of the obstacles to be overcome in the funfair called life? Well said and true. It can be fun, but the carnival has many paths. You’re going to pick one or the other, so whatever you pick why not enjoy it?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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