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Only Energy in Electricity


Some things first. Matter is not matter. It is not particles. It can be measured as discreet particles. It can even behave like particles in the right circumstances, but ultimately there is only energy. Electricity is present in every bit of matter throughout our universe. It’s responsible for giving every material thing we experience its structure. It’s orders of magnitude stranger than gravity even. We only perceive electricity in watching its behaviour. How electrical charge in any matter interacts with everything else around it.

Doesn’t our heart create a little shock each time it beats? That is a tricky question. The electrical discharges in the heart are a little slower than the chemical processes in the heart that lead up to the muscle contraction. Heart attack isn’t even a failure of the electrical signal in the heart. Instead, like what used to happen in my brain as a child, the electrical signal goes out of control and the heart tissue loses all synchronization.

Wow, and an irregular heartbeat is like an ongoing heart attack? No. It’s more like a minor short in the hearts microcircuits and more common than most people realize. In fact, there is really no such thing as a regular heart beat. It doesn’t work like a machine. Bio-metric scans could even tell your identity by a short period of monitoring your heart beat.

Maybe that explains why very healthy, fit people can die of heart failure so suddenly? Indeed, the common view of health is not very accurate or useful. It just leads most people to either self abuse or self neglect.

So an important point, electricity and magnetism? Same thing. If you every play with a magnet, you are playing with an electrical field, just one with a degree of aligned flow like a laser.

An interesting recent discovery… Previously, they thought light particles or photons were mass-less, incapable of interacting with each other. This has proven to be untrue and in a controlled chamber they observed the formation of a light molecule, sort of like the solid light of a Star Wars light saber. What this means, and what they now know to be theoretically possible, is that entire structures of electricity/light/magnetism could be formed. Structures that behave like solid objects, like taking a Second Life avatar and materializing it in real space.

So electricity is basically everything, more or less. There are forces that seem to behave a bit differently, but we still can identify and measure them through their interactions with the electromagnetic force.

I would love to see a light structure. We might see it. Science and technology seem to be speeding up a lot so who knows? Kurzweils estimate of the singularity may be too cautious. It might happen sooner.

There is a YouTube video floating around that claims to show a photon in motion. That’s confirmed. They are now working on turning that into a scanning technology.

There is some very sophisticated spatial mapping technology going around now. I was watching a video that used no CGI enhancement at all, just projection and spatial mapping software, coupled of course with visual illusions. It made a very convincing image. A two dimension screen looked very much like a box, and objects moving in the box, even boxes. They managed to even make the objects transition, but that’s off topic…¬†Our perception is very weird. That is how it relates.

There is a new model going around now in frontier physics circles, and I mean mainstream, not fringe. Actually, two I intend to mention. The first is a model, that is proving to have very accurate predictive value, that our universe was not born from some strange singularity, but rather from the same phenomenon that leads to black holes but occurring in four dimensional space. And just as there are many three dimensional black holes in our space, four dimensional holes may be just as common. Our universe would be information captured on the four dimensional holes event horizon. We are living in a sort of flat land.

What this means for normal physics is there is no mass beyond the degree that anything can expand along the field of the black holes event horizon. Things appear to emerge into our space and have mass to the degree that they can revolve around that axis, and time only emerges to the degree that massive bodies can extend across an energetic bandwidth.

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