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Four Dimensional World in Electricity


Can you explain a bit of the reality of a four dimensional world? Certainly.

We perceive things to change linearly, but all of even our physics seems to suggest that such is not the case. There has even been a controversial experiment that they haven’t been able to shoot holes in yet (all the skeptics are saying it is experimentally sound) that establishes people reacting to events before they happen. Shall I explain that test or keep going with the four dimensional spatial model?

I am curious on what scale of time; seconds, minutes, micro seconds? Hours, but even neural lag is of interest here so they gave people a spelling test and randomly generated a list of words from that spelling test that the subject would then be made to study after the initial test. The study list was generated completely blind. No experimenter had any knowledge of or access to it. The persons tested scored higher on spelling words that were on the list they would later study and then test again on. Their nervous systems behaved as if they had already been primed or familiarized with the study list. Admittedly this is a rough synopsis. The full protocol is available I imagine.

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So four dimensional space includes an object through all its energetic phase variants, more or less like ripples or matter echoes of an object.

So water is steam, liquid, and ice at the same time? Yes, in four dimensional space, and energy can be exchanged between four dimensional objects, creating change in those objects.

Let’s say you have a four dimensional sun and four dimensional water. This four dimensional sun exists in all its energetic phase states and the four dimensional water exists likewise. As the two objects exchange energy, from our point of view the probability of any possible state emerging changes, but in four dimensional space it’s not probability. It’s physical change like a quantum superposition collapsing. It would be compared to ice melting for us.

Is this like what they are finding in the Large Hadron collider? That particles “exist” in two places at once, but only our perception makes them seem to be in one? It’s related, yes. They aren’t examining broad pattern coherence, but it is the same basic thing.

In four dimensional space would life and death exist at once? No. Death is a concept. In four dimensional space what we perceive as death is just an energy state.

Right, so there would be no difference between the two? There would be only life. Life changing forms. In fact, our individual forms would seem rather difficult to distinguish because our four dimensional form would blur into the probability of other people existing, and these people would exist at different frequencies.

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Travis Saunders
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