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Perception is internal, regardless of it seeming to have no causative connection. People try manifesting but change a surface thought and not any element of their world view. Then the world view snaps back in, and they say manifestation isn’t possible.

How Life Emerged in Electricity


How this all related to electricity… Well, there was an old model of how life emerged that has been thrown out a while ago. The notion that inert chemicals would spontaneously form the necessary structures and enzymes that would lead to the formation of living cells. The molecules did form but then failed to do anything else. There was just a funky film on the inside of a hermetically sealed glass sphere.

Now they are learning a great deal about how DNA behaves, electrons and all, and for lack of any other adequately descriptive word, they have found that individual strands of DNA, even RNA, seem to be able to self organize over what on a microscopic scale is a vast distance. No electrical force necessary. What this would mean to us, to living things in general…

I went to a lecture on dark matter and dark energy last week and he said very much the same thing – that the universe seems to be able to communicate with itself instantaneously despite the distance.

The very material that leads up to the formation of cells and neurons, which lead to those electrical signals science associates with consciousness, catalyses the effect before the emergent outcome. It, in a sense, engineers a system that will generate electromagnetic energy – heat and electricity. It seems to be deliberately structuring itself not to perceive an outside environment, but to express it.

Everyone familiar with the anthropocentric model of cosmology? The laws of physics are so fine tuned to allow for the possibility of life that even just a slight variation in any of those variables would negate all life as we know it in our universe. I offer that this isn’t accidental, and it isn’t the product of alien engineering either.

If there were an infinite number of universes, then maybe we got lucky. Luck would not hold up. The same major supporters of the many worlds theory, who originally advanced that notion to account for this principle, the incredible unlikelihood of life, are now reversing the notion that information can be lost. The current state of physics is not bearing that idea up. They are now saying it is very likely we can one day recover information from the event horizon of a black hole. I offer that we are doing that all the time, organically.

In what way? With no information loss there can be no loss of the variable that supports life beyond any point. Just perhaps radical morphological variation, and the way we are recovering black hole information is the same way we are alive and conscious.

All the black holes with all the other universes are leaking their variables into our universe? Yes, and ours into theirs. Four dimensional black holes and three dimensional black holes only appear to be holes. They are in fact just complex vectors of space, bubbles of hyperspace, and are themselves as non-local as any object in our three dimensional space. They appear black only because of our physical and perceptual constraints. They are in fact no such thing. It’s even been proven that they emit radiation, hawking radiation, and may be involved in other forms of emission as well.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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