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We are a unique voice in a grand chorus, having a depth and range that is powerful enough to echo throughout infinity itself.

Quantum Xeno Effect in Electricity


Shall we look at this in four dimensions? The brain in four dimensions. Know how much the brain likes memory?

So much that you think you know who you are. It likes it a lot. It does everything it can to preserve it, down to strategies to preserve it in extreme brain damage. This is why it distributes it so widely. Well, a four dimensional brain is memory. It contains all the brain states you have ever experienced, simultaneously, as well as the likelihood that any of those brains states are to recur.

You may have read that they have found a way to erase memory. When they go into detail though they haven’t. What they have done is found a way to stack the deck in the brain so you become less and less likely to experience a previous brain state. This is why they say time heals all hurts. It doesn’t. What does is that quantum shift which can be blocked. Shall I describe what blocks it?

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And they have proven this is mainstream labs. They hope to use it in quantum computing. The quantum xeno effect. As long as a system keeps getting checked, as long as that electric signal keeps jumping that synapse, there will be no change. It will stay suspended. This is why you have that steady automatic electrical signal in your brain. This is also the purpose of the nu complex. When all the rest of your brain has stopped signalling the carrier signal keeps working. It’s active in the hippocampus, that part of the brain that coordinates memory formation.

Your brain equates memory with survival. It won’t let you stop remembering things, but, it can be tweaked. It’s not actually in control. You can apply and reapply the quantum xeno effect like a cognitive blow torch. It’s what contemplative meditation is about, and they find that repetition doesn’t help memory retention. Learning by rote works very poorly. You can reroute the signals by association.

A simple example of using the xeno effect. Ever notice when you are really angry your mind is never fully on just that one thing? You always have something on your mind that you would rather be doing. You get stuck on the anger because you think you have to fix how you feel. You can’t fix how you feel. The hormones don’t clean up like that. You can fix how you signal and trigger new hormonal signals.

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Travis Saunders
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