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It is good to be all in one place, many people rarely are.

Check Sum in Electricity


Of importance to today’s topic of electricity, do you feel you have only one domain of consciousness?

Not any more. Your brains don’t necessarily agree with each other, but they stay in contact through the corpus callosum mostly, and the branches of the brain stem. But they don’t share the same opinion about the things you have experienced. They have differing degree of sensory acuity. In extreme cases of multiple personality disorder even transitioning between being normally sighted and legally blind, showing sings of medical fragility, heart murmur and allergies, to being athletic and healthy as a horse.

I have read of people who have heart transplants taking on the thoughts and memories of the donor. Not a reason to get xenophobic about medical care mind you. Nature does this to you even without medical intervention.

Do all our organs have this ability? Yes. The capacity for memory is not traceable to any specific set of neurons. And they have been able to reverse a great many cells into neurons. They can now take a urine sample from you, isolate shed kidney cells, and reverse engineer those into brain cells, neurons.

There are many who think the next wave of computers will be biological. They have already built the basic biological logic switch. They call it a transcripter. All they would need to do is filter our waste water and have an abundant supply of material, keep transcripters as genetically diverse as they please. Could even encounter emergent AI in that media which would be the same thing as the alchemists homunculi.

They already have biological data storage. Yes.

Nanobots in our brains.

I have a friend working with nanobot tech. He says by 2030 they think humans as we know it will cease to exist. Not really that far off, and there are many different and unaligned labs working on it. Someone else might be farther along. We won’t even recognize their absence. We didn’t understand them very well anyway.

But yes, the twin hemispheres of the brain, and also the reason why you have any self control at all… The messages that coordinate the two hemispheres, are electrical, not chemical. The right hemisphere getting a neurotransmitter will just translate it as the same message it’s already using. Adrenaline will just trigger its stress response, like fear of balloons, and it won’t have to have a reason for it. And yes, I have met someone who was very seriously afraid of latex balloons.

What makes it look like you have only one opinion, is the measurements the hemispheres make between each other electrically. One electrical signal triggers a specific signal in the other hemisphere, and at the “toll booths” or contact points between the hemispheres, you get what looks like a single view of something or a single opinion of something.

So this is the purpose of electricity both in and out of the body. It’s a check sum. It’s not the medium. It’s not even the message. It’s the hash tag, or if you prefer the search term.

It is the decision? It is not the decision. It’s the index that lets you recover the decision.

“A check sum or hash sum is a small-size datum computed from an arbitrary block of digital data for the purpose of detecting errors that may have been introduced during its transmission or storage.” Exactly. That is what electricity does.

The decision is in the hemispheres? No. This decision occurs on a quantum level. There has even been proof of that. It was heavily debated but not any more. They are just arguing over the meaning of it. The synapse, specifically the calcium ion channel in your synapses, that determines whether an electrical discharge occurs. This is perhaps why Kruzweil thinks the mind is just a big system of pattern recognition. The electrical discharge occurs when a message is recognized, not when it is sent. Well, the quantum gate there, the logic switch, is a magnesium atom. Whether that particle is in place to block the ion channel, or is not present there and lets the signal through, is “probabilistic.” To mainstream science that means it’s accidental, roll the dice, but we explored why that may not be true earlier. Ion = free electron by the way. An electron not part of another molecule.

Is the electron intelligent? Not by itself. It’s the product of observation by an intelligence.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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