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There is plenty of violence for all the anti-violence, which is just more violence.

Your Body is Open Source in Electricity


Could you talk about the routing system? Certainly.

Anyone familiar with mirror networks or cloud computing?

Yes, a little. Some believe that because we seem so wired to network that we are a single mind. This is not New Age thought. This is hard science. The bulk of our brain organizes around our social functions, and at the heart of that our capacity to empathize to the point that despite their best efforts to compartmentalize the brain, they have found evidence against the notion that empathy is localized. In one case, a woman had her amygdala removed. Theoretically, she should have lost all empathy, but she developed hyper empathy. Her ability to mirror others became loud and clear.

Remember I spoke of data sharing earlier? Well, the incoming data is too complex and abstract for individual minds to compute alone. Actually, I need to amend that. It’s not abstract. Really, it’s down right visceral, just super complex. So instead, the processing task is handled in a distributed manner. This is the purpose of the collective unconscious, or if you prefer a more material view, species memory though the two are intimately related systems. Across many universe are “trending patterns” that may even appear to have their own consciousness to us because they bear the data and behaviour patterns of countless minds. They seem to be omniscient even, when in fact the data they contain just has vast predictive power. What they are is more like a meme, replicating units of cultural information. In a sense, they are their own form of life.

Our subconscious brains are crowd sourcing. Indeed, but these trending patterns, these algorithms, operate a bridge between the universes, like Heimdall from the Norse pantheon or the Buddha as a contact point for nirvana. Gautama may be about any sort of business he pleases. The mark he left is still there and can impress itself upon countless lamas from here to eternity. The same thing is displayed in Native American and Australian models. When they are speaking of Coyote, they aren’t speaking of a specific animal, or necessarily of an animal at all. They are speaking of one of the streams or threads of information “between the worlds” which coyotes even now continue to update. Urban Coyote has learned some interesting tricks, is adapting to the patterns of the city quite well, and is drawing closer to humanity than it ever was before. There is a reason for this adaption.

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Have you heard about the movement among physicists that are comparing the laws of physics to computer code?

No, but it seems like it was only a matter of time. One of the things they observed in particle physics is that particles seem to have an error correction code. They do, and it works all the way up on a macroscopic level. Adaption is the error correction code on the biological level, but there is another possible result of this code. Abort subroutine, terminate functions so the whole program doesn’t crash. The species inserting themselves into urban environments are like living sentient test code. Their success or distress will have a huge impact on how smoothly our system runs. The super bugs, little things that are learning quite well from our electrochemical engineering, are a genetic standby measure.

Have you heard of quorum sensing? Each individual bacteria, as resistant to human technology as they are becoming, is still not prepared to subvert our naturally occurring life processes. They wait until conditions in the body are right to begin sending the signal that makes them proliferate and take over our systems. That is quorum sensing thus super bugs keep a head count.

You are plugged in whether you want to be or not, and well, nature does you a favour by making sure this remains true. Your body isn’t even made up dominantly of your own cells. A big part of your systems are supportive bacterial infection, and well, shall I get really weird? You are also host to other peoples cells. These cells are still alive and doing their job. You have your partners brain cells in your brain, and they are still doing their job even though they retain their original genetic tendency.

How does that happen? Hand shaking, close contact, drinking after someone, sex, being born to someone.

So cells migrate. They do, and can survive for quite some time depending on what kind of cells they are. Your body is open source.

Is that why married people start to look like each other? They think that might have something to do with it, plus imitating habits in their partner. Behaviours of their loved one that they themselves like and believe in, so memetic as well as biological.

What’s worse is when you find yourself doing something you hate in the other. Part of your brain likes that behaviour.

They even grafted human glial cells into the brains of mice. They survived just fine. Not only did these glial cells survive, they made the mice smarter, so that animal you keep petting… They have discovered that modern dogs are awfully smart, and they read human intentions very well, almost as if there were one.

So the more you cuddle and love something… The more it can evolve.

I’ve seen dogs and cats turn on faucets to drink water and turn doorknobs to go outside. It’s true. Both of our cats have a fascination for technology. Our little girl cat even more than our male seems to experiment with it, figuring out that the buttons make noise and where the sound is originating from. Even that they can unplug them.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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