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The only power is what comes from the heart.

Sing the Body Electric in Electricity


So let us sing the body electric. The process that perpetuates the body, and those fine tuned processes in the universe around us, are not separate. For some reason, science has not yet drawn the connection, but when you consider the processes of the body and brain, you have nothing more or less than a reflection of universal processes, just enfolded. One of the things emerging from the Large Hadron Collider study is a new model of quantum probability measurement. They even have a name for the shape. With the new model they feel they may stand a real shot at uncovering a theory of quantum gravity which would be what leads to superposition collapse.

Is it jewel-shaped? It is jewel shaped, yes. It sort of resembles the flower of life diagram. The ten dimensions or quantum strings may be nothing more than vectors in a discrete unit of space. They are beginning experiments that may confirm quanta of space soon.

Amplituhedron? Ah, yes that’s it!

It looks recursive, like a fractal.

So body, life, you are organize quanta of space. Each unit of space in your constellation holds the same amount of information as our universe does. In each unit of space in your body, you have the discrete probabilities of all that you might possibly be or do and our process of consciousness, those little electrical signals, and those exchanges of matter.

When they say I am full of it, they were right. We are all full of it, but our brain function is an ongoing process of measurement, observation. This is why they can’t yet decode consciousness. It isn’t following a single discreet system. It’s echoing countless such systems. Even your own conscious observation lags behind. This is why there seems to be intelligence behind what you do even when you don’t know personally why you do it, like something or someone made up your mind for you. It’s not literally true. It was still you. There is just a whole lot of you. It’s the network that brings all of you together.

Network cosmology is another one of those things that is making a big stir in mainstream science. They summarize it very loosely as we all appear to be living in a huge brain. This is of course not true. We are living in a huge us. The network pattern they observe is just the infrastructure that allows us to exist in consensus as well as the routing system that leaves our own system open to new input. The multiverse is really about big data.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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