'Electricity' Chapter


Electricity is basically everything. There are forces that seem to behave a bit differently, but we still can identify and measure them through their interactions with the electromagnetic force.

The very material that leads up to the formation of cells, and neurons, which lead to those electrical signals science associates with consciousness, catalyzes the effect before the emergent outcome. It, in a sense, engineers a system that will generate electromagnetic energy, heat and electricity. It seems to be deliberately structuring itself not to perceive an outside environment, but to express it.

“A lot of words in English confuse the idea of life and electricity, like the word livewire.” Laurie Anderson

Only Energy

Some things first. Matter is not matter. It is not particles. It can be measured as discreet particles. It can even behave like particles in the right circumstances, but ultimately there is only energy. Electricity is present in every bit… Seek More

Four Dimensional World

Can you explain a bit of the reality of a four dimensional world? Certainly. We perceive things to change linearly, but all of even our physics seems to suggest that such is not the case. There has even been a… Seek More

How Life Emerged

How this all related to electricity… Well, there was an old model of how life emerged that has been thrown out a while ago. The notion that inert chemicals would spontaneously form the necessary structures and enzymes that would lead… Seek More

Sing the Body Electric

So let us sing the body electric. The process that perpetuates the body, and those fine tuned processes in the universe around us, are not separate. For some reason, science has not yet drawn the connection, but when you consider… Seek More

Your Body is Open Source

Could you talk about the routing system? Certainly. Anyone familiar with mirror networks or cloud computing? Yes, a little. Some believe that because we seem so wired to network that we are a single mind. This is not New Age… Seek More

Check Sum

Of importance to today’s topic of electricity, do you feel you have only one domain of consciousness? Not any more. Your brains don’t necessarily agree with each other, but they stay in contact through the corpus callosum mostly, and the branches of… Seek More

Quantum Xeno Effect

Shall we look at this in four dimensions? The brain in four dimensions. Know how much the brain likes memory? So much that you think you know who you are. It likes it a lot. It does everything it can… Seek More

Problem Solving Model

Anyone remember a recent bout of anger? Care to share? Anybody and everybody who wants to. I work for an organization that answers to the government. Policies changed over the summer and some of our account holders had to change… Seek More