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You can change reality mearly by correctly directing peoples focus.

Sincerity of Darker Things in Sincerity


Many people feel they have to feel bad when someone dies. They are very insincere.

I was happy that my Gran passed away. She was so sick for a long time. It was her right to have the relief. Sorry to hear about your grandmothers suffering. I genuinely am. In my experience, death is not evil, but the things that lead up to it or away from it, very often can be.

I don’t believe so either, but suffering cancer seems evil. Yes, especially if her suffering was prolonged for some reason to no functional purpose. The state I was born in has a controversial law. It was even attacked by the federal government, but could not legally be overturned. It’s called the “death with dignity” act. It allows for the prospect of ending a terminal patients life early with their consent and extensive filing. It’s not at all covert or against anyone’s will. Then they are given a lethal dose of their meds that they can take at their own personal discretion. Strikes me as very honest, sincere of the sufferer and their family, or am I just twisted?

We seem able to do it for our injured pets. But when it’s humans it’s more sticky when they should be allowed the same freedom. If life is sacred, then is a double standard in any way sincere? Is there not a point at which idealism can become sadism?

We play God all the time to keep people alive. It doesn’t seem right to only be responsible for half of the equation.

Though I guess, the animal is not really able to choose to end their life. I am sure they would not be willing to suffer.

Hitler himself had a “high minded” “idealistic” and even “moral” agenda. To the point of view laid out in his rhetoric, he was dealing justly with an oppressive evil. Since when is earnestness an excuse for sado-masochistic behaviour of any kind?

I guess we have gotten into the sincerity of darker things. The dishonesty of idealism and creeds held for their own sake. I should clarify. Idealism isn’t inherently evil. If anything, an authentic ideal will have a strength of character very few people show these days. But people mistake zeal for faith in their ideals, passion for clarity, hence many statements made by public figures recently. In recent memory at least.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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