How does saving people work? And if you can save people from themselves isn’t that tyranny?

Am I Sincere? in Sincerity


This is not a trick question, friends. Would you say I have spoken sincerely? Yes. Why would you say that?

I always feel that you are sincere in the sense of being authentic. What you say is consistent.

I guess we can relate to a lot of what you talk about, and you admit when you don’t know something or are feeling frustrated.

I have the consistency I do, not because I am a well rehearsed speaker, not because I am practiced at deception, but because I have as my primary focus my personal awareness and insights. So as freely as I can speak, and as many words as I may have to say something, the core of what I am, and what I talk about, is in me.

That’s how you come across. You didn’t just read a book and become an expert. You have reflected on these things and it shows. I need no book, and neither does anyone else. Even if only subconsciously, you know you are hearing from the real me.

I find the truth to be simple. Lying is too much work. You can’t always remember what you lied about. That is my guide to the truth also, and I have little tolerance for wasting my energy personally, especially as nature has seen to it that I have less of it than the “normal” person.

Fish stories grow and grow. If you only catch a boot everyone will remember that forever and never let you forget. I fish in my own mind and if I catch a boot, I share it. If I catch a fish, I share it. They say that’s an autistic trait, but be that as it may, I will speak of it knowingly. Sometimes even those boots are useful.

Sure, you help tidy up the lake. And clear water, like clear communication, gives us the life and strength we need to actually not only survive, but also thrive.

Models are not houses. Ideals are not right action. So feel free to move in your life as you authentically are.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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