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When you’re doing energy work, meditation is a wonderful method to help you gain insight into your own spirituality and to raise your frequency. The word meditation may bring to mind a person with eyes closed, sitting in a cross-legged position, the back straight, hands resting on the knees and palms turned upward with the tips of the thumb and middle finger touching each other. While this is a traditional way to meditate, you can also choose any position as long as you’re comfortable.

The goal of meditation is to increase awareness by clearing your mind. Once you have achieved this clarity, you can use meditation to achieve peace and joy, to bond with your Higher Self or Spirit Guides and to connect to your spiritual essence and personal vibration.

When you want to raise your frequency, the connection to your spiritual energy is where you will begin. In this quiet, peaceful time, take a look at your frequency with your mind’s eye. Is it vibrating quickly or slowly? Can you see places in your energy that appear weak or that are wound too tightly and appear unmoving? Your personal vibration should flow smoothly and evenly while vibrating at a steady rate. If you find places in your energy flow that need work, then focus on strengthening the weak areas and relaxing other areas to regain steady, positive movement. Once your frequency is flowing well, use creative visualization to increase the rate at which your energy is vibrating.

A good meditation session can often take an hour or more to complete. If you aren’t able to take that much time out of your day to meditate, then try a five minute meditation. The first time you try this exercise it may take more than five minutes to achieve because you need to find your center. Once you know what this feels like, you can quickly go to that place within your being to do energy work.

It doesn’t matter where you are when you do this exercise. You do not have to be sitting in any particular position nor do your eyes need to be closed. You may be waiting in a line or sitting at your desk. Anytime you feel frustrated, tired, or out of sorts, take five minutes to go to your center and increase your vibration.

To start the exercise, use creative visualization to look inside yourself. Search for the place where you feel a calm sense of peace and relaxation flowing through you. This is your center. Take a few minutes to really connect to where your center is located within you. It may feel like it’s centered in your body or it may feel disconnected from your body but connected through energy to your essence. The location will be different for everyone because we are all unique individual spiritual entities.

Now that you know where your center is located, imagine yourself swiftly moving as energy to this place. Purposefully give your energy the intention of vibrating more quickly and flowing more smoothly within you. As it does so, imagine a sense of calmness and peace radiating throughout your mind, body and spirit. Now release this increased frequency vibration into your center so that it remains there and positively affects you throughout the day. With practice, this five minute exercise may only take you a minute or two to achieve but its results are long-lasting.

Melissa Alvarez
Guest Blogger
Dragon Intuitive

Melissa Alvarez is an internationally known spiritual intuitive coach and an award-winning author. Her latest book, 365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency, is now available from Llewellyn Worldwide. Find her online at

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