'Tree Of Life' Chapter


God is infinite and includes all things, all potentials, and is in the purest sense unknowable. We are the observers of the lights of God. Not a single light, but ten such lights. The sephira serve as ten categories for everything in existence. The sephira constitute not only cosmic forces but moral forces as well. They arise as a result of God taking different forms in order to fully express its full potential.

The purpose of Kabbalism as a teaching and practice is to reverse the course of human ignorance and turn to harmony with God. But it happens in stages. The reason for examining patterns in the tree of life is they reflect a tendency of how life events unfold. How people and things develop. The insights arrived at as one explores the tree of life inside themselves can seem miraculous.

“The pure impulse of dynamic creation is formless; and being formless, the creation it gives rise to can assume any and every form.” Kabbalah

Divine Lights

I won’t be discussing orthodox Kabbalah in detail, just a synopsis mostly. But I will answer more specific questions as best I can. Kabbalah is in a sense a form of theurgy. In it, God is infinite and includes all… Seek More

Process Of Development

At each of the stages in Kabbalah, God is considered to have reflected on that stage of it’s expression. I use the gender neutral term because God is seen as both male and female, and this step of considering what… Seek More

Reverse The Course Of Ignorance

The story of humanities exile from Eden is reflected in the Kabbalah. In the primal state, humanity existed in a way that was little differentiated from nature. Supreme harmony if you can envision it, but with the awakening to a… Seek More

Work Of Ascension

You don’t actually travel to other planets while you undertake the work of ascension, but as you fully experience each stage it does feel like the earth you live on has changed it’s basic nature. It hasn’t, but it seems… Seek More

Right Insight

As you incarnated, you took on the weight not only of your personal decision, but the weight of every spirit that ever made the same decision. A sort of shared karma. This is perhaps the origin of the concept of… Seek More

Ways Of God

Kabbalah is the “ways of God.” Being able to look at yourself and see the divine. As well as see the divine in others. Whatever you do unto these, the least of my brothers that you do to me also.… Seek More