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Work Of Ascension in Tree Of Life


You don’t actually travel to other planets while you undertake the work of ascension, but as you fully experience each stage it does feel like the earth you live on has changed it’s basic nature. It hasn’t, but it seems to because you are evolving within and beyond that phase of our planets existence, and with true mastery, that sphere ceases to master you.

Now each sephira isn’t necessarily a quantum leap from the last one you were working with. They are also divided up into four “worlds” corresponding to the four elements, and each set of spheres shares the behaviour of it’s element in common. So at the earliest stages, everything seems very static, resistant to change, heavy and hard to see in any other way than it appears at that stage. But at the higher stages things become more mutable, lighter and less absolute, and you cease defining everything in material ways because you can’t really see it that way anymore.

I’ve had to learn to value material things, because I didn’t when I was younger. Yes. According to the Kabbalah, since you didn’t learn to value material things you fell back there. The climb up the tree of life is not defying gravity as much as it’s using an innate path that was already present in reality, but you can’t survive the trip down the mountain by jumping off it’s highest cliff.

The insights arrived at as one explores the tree of life inside themselves can seem miraculous. The Kabbalah is often seen as a form of magick because the insights arrived at redefine reality so much that the Kabbalist seems to be able to ignore “truths” that everyone else insists are obvious. The advanced Kabbalist just sees around them.

Such as? Well, one would be seeing the principle of growth as love which means working with something rather than fighting it. Not trying to force it’s nature.

I’m not sure how that would seem magical? Because the Kabbalist often sees opportunities for advancement that other people miss because the other insists that a course of events must unfold in only one strict way. Another gift manifested in Kabbalism is what they call the soul of prophecy. With their understanding of the highest spiritual principles of reality and how these unfold in the world of earth, they have a natural ability to anticipate events far in advance. On the front of healing, they come to understand the nature of life and spiritual cause and effect so well that they can easily see subtle connections between things like diet and life style choices and what people would consider obscure outcomes in their life, like deducing that the persons obsession with watching a particular television program is making them have arguments with one specific sort of person. It also grants insights into any art and science as the Kabbalist sees any tool or method for the God nature that it possesses, and work with that rather than trying to force it to do anything else.

Using the right tool for the right job. Yes. Kabbalism teaches that these things are in everyone, or we wouldn’t exist as individual souls at all.

So if you are obsessed with say reality TV, then you might argue more with someone who is too impractical? Good insight. The Kabbalist could foresee and even devise solid political policies that take advantage of the spirit in our world and help it to grow back into unity. Kabbalism is like gardening.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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