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A day consists of not only new tasks, but of new thoughts and perceptions.

Right Insight in Tree Of Life


As you incarnated, you took on the weight not only of your personal decision, but the weight of every spirit that ever made the same decision. A sort of shared karma. This is perhaps the origin of the concept of original sin. So as the Kabbalist seeks to ascend the sephiric states, they have to deal with what seems like interference from higher powers.

Personal decision? You mean we get to say when we are reborn? Yes, indeed. The concept is known as transmigration of souls, and without the right insight you cannot pass these gate keepers. There are numerous accounts of such angelic encounters and the insights that occurred after. Perhaps the best well known being Ezekiel. But, the key to bypassing the gate keeper intelligences is to display that you possess the knowledge of the Kabbalah or path of ascension. This is why you have to master each influence, because from the previous sphere you get the knowledge necessary for the next one.

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The password is arugula. Actually, the passwords are the names of God. But it’s not enough to just say the names, you actually have to understand them. Reflect on their meaning and see how they exist in the world, like the name that means Lord of Hosts. The God that is in others is the same God that is in you. As you judge so shall you also be judged. Each name of God contains a set of these insights. They work somewhat like Zen koans as they cannot be fully and adequately understood by logical analysis alone. Kabbalists are big on intuition. In a sense, Kabbalah is a sort of Gnosticism.

The Kabbalists are waiting for some one? The Moshiach, but it’s not seen as a literal someone necessarily. It is an archetypal human, just as Adam Kadmon was the first man and started us down the path.

All of humanity becomes a messiah? Yes, a sort of Christ consciousness to use a different groups terminology. Some Judaic Kabbalists see the teachings of Jesus as having started this change. Others feel we have yet to reach an adequate teaching or understanding.

Ultimately, Kabbalism isn’t a teaching so much as a mirroring of the God that dwells within you. They believe that you learn nothing just by books.¬†You have to possess the spirit that calls you to the path and can share with others on the path.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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