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In every practice you find a shadow. But purity is not reviling any part of life.

Left and Right of Us in Natural Computation

Naturalistc Comprehension

Shall I explore what’s to the right of us, or the left?

Left. This is like choose-your-own-adventure.

To the left we have life according to you. We have the epic story of a person who has tried many things to find happiness, to find meaning. Has engaged in every manner of treasure seeking, and has even found a bit maybe, or has wound up in the pirates saloon drowning their troubles in the rough and tumble business of life as usual.

To the left of us, we have the infinity of poetry and music, and the realization that it’s all really a love song. There are love songs in every culture, every language, though the exact context of these can differ noticeably. To the left, we have all those childhood fantasies, and why as adults we still want to buy into our childhood fairy stories and fantasies. To the left, we have a world that we still want to make sense. We believe should make sense, and what is that world other than a world with heart? With passion and meaning? Has so called reality provided that for anyone?

I agree. Without passion the world is bleak. The world is dead. We are busy working on that with our insistence on real life and the economy, forging policy and social trends. This is death, and we love it, are clinging to it almost as if our life depended on it. A shame really, no?

So yes, to the left, we have the thousand thousand things. To the left, we have all the TV channels and science trends. We have every political issue, and those sneaky agendas that try to sneak in behind those. To the left, we have all those specific choices and our fear of not making the right one. Even worse, the fear that there is no right choice, and that you don’t stand a chance to be happy or healthy or safe. To the left, everything looks like an issue, and you see very clearly why it is. Feel you can do anything about it?

Maybe I can to the right? Nope. You tune in to the drama on the right. You get lost in the big misty, dream big, and just keep inflating that. Everything can seem very meaningful on the right for a time, but eventually that deflates and leaves your spirit feeling very flabby, powerless like a wet noodle. This is why losing faith has been the dominant theme in society for a while now. But what would happen if you come from the gut, put faith in your immediate being, in your fundamental feelings?

So on-wards straight ahead? No, straight ahead is business as usual. Continuing to see life through your normal thinking and filters. You try to do the world rather than feel the world, and you are confined to doing only what you know how to do personally.

So is this something about how we are creators of our environment here in the material world? How people in our life are our reflection? We create it in our minds, and we are a reflection of people in our lives, but the reverse is not necessarily true. We connect and identify with the space we exist in, and well, me casa es su casa. My mind is your mind.

Yes, it’s like determination so we act by that. We don’t have to. Can you do a flower? Can you do snow? Are these actions you can take? Can you, as they say on the streets, do you? You will do what you are, but you will never be what you do. When you are sick you will sneeze and cough and puke. It’s a promise, but as much as people think otherwise (hypochondriacs in this example), you can never know being through acting sick. How often do you do what you really want to do?

Good question, 99% is about environment. You say, “I will just do this today.” Does that work out?

Not often enough, no. You always do what you are, and then try to convince yourself that you are what you do, and thus feel like you can only ever keep doing the same things. Sometimes you change your mind so even you stop you from doing what you want.

I never change my mind. My mind always changes. I just pick one facet of the shifting face. I saw your response, my mind just changed.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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