We are a unique voice in a grand chorus, having a depth and range that is powerful enough to echo throughout infinity itself.

Sense of Intensity in Natural Computation

Naturalistc Comprehension

An interesting side note regarding emotions… Emotional pain and physical pain use the same systems in the brain, but there is a universal behaviour regarding the two. Emotional pain always registers as more intense than physical pain, even to the point of physical pain being dismissed if both are being experienced simultaneously. Physical pain can go away. Emotional pain can stay and even grow over time.

This is why we may not notice physical injury at first. We first attend to the emotional fear, etc. Yes. The body doesn’t prioritize physical pain very highly. It’s hurt more by damaged self image, yet we are always trying to put feelings behind us. Perhaps it’s that issue. We believe we are what we do and not what we feel. Every world philosophy supports this. Buddhism says you do without understanding.

So identity is tied into our biology? Yes, indeed.

Christianity says you do selfish things. Islam and Judaism say the same thing. So they put forth their creed as a way to regulate what you do, not what you feel. Would you say any philosophy shows much care for feelings?

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Nihilism? Not even nihilism, but it comes closer than many. It requires avoidance of giving any significance to feelings.

So we form our self image based on our sense of intensity. Things too intense are excluded. Things too subtle are excluded.

Sounds very boring. Most people have that as their primary complaint in life. Those nations that don’t have boredom wish they did. Our world so far offers nothing better. They yearn for the opportunity to clear their senses, to be free of the shell-shock of the passions that define their lives, and as it stands that won’t be possible.

They are even talking about chemically castrating the brain to treat PTSD. So far everything else works no better than an allergy pill metaphorically speaking. They remain affected.

Well good. I don’t want testicles in my brain. You actually do. They have discovered that gonadotropin slows the bodies aging process, improves health. They are talking about injecting it into the thalamus, because that is where the body clock is, but yes… This is why we don’t see the metaphysical portion of our being, it’s too intense.

I want it to be okay to get older instead of something to treat with injections and chemicals. I myself would prefer to avoid degeneration of my body and brain. I don’t care about looks or my socially perceived age. I just prefer to keep my personal assets, remain fully functional if I can.

Do yoga. I guess keeping the brain active will do that too. Yes, yoga helps, as does tai chi and meditation.

Does sudoku help reverse alzheimers? Offsets it, reduces risk of onset.

Playing games helps mental acuity too. Yes, I am a video gamer for life, though my taste in games may change.

Is an intuitive person more likely to reach into the extremes of subtle and intense? The intuitive person incorporates the subtle self. For the intuitive person, they detect the behaviour tendencies of the senses. They are more accepting and receptive of them, sort of like when they teach you to fire a gun. They use the concept of keeping your hands soft, flexible, which makes them more stable. The intuitive keeps their senses flexible, and because they do they uncover additional dimensions of sensory perception. Controlled sensation is the cause of confirmation bias, and is why recognition bias is such an attention getting thing when it happens. We don’t have to be more “rational”, more rigid and controlled. We need less. Because they embrace the subtle side of the senses, they also access instinctive recognition and memory more fully.

Many would think intuition is somehow beyond the senses, but it’s actually deeper in the senses? It is indeed deeper in the senses. It’s the blind spot I have found in women intuition. They avoid full sensual engagement in favour of emotional preoccupation. They devote more time to self image maintenance.

Men do the opposite, so both are blind just for different reasons. Men control, women maintain. Neither permits themselves to know fully. To do that would require rest, sensitivity, full acceptance of the moment, which is full acceptance of where they are instead of constantly flooding their minds with action impulses.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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