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“It’s a luxury to be understood.” Ralph Waldo Emerson. A mission to understand. Know thyself.

Senses Organized Around Space in Natural Computation

Naturalistc Comprehension

So yes, all of our senses organize around our sense of space. Our brains map things metaphorically speaking. Even in my case, as autistics are known for exceptional visual skills, those come in two flavours. A sort of modelling, and a tracking of spatial relationships, order and organization. Can you guess which is mine?

Spatial relationships. This is how I manage my memory and how I compute things, predict recall and even divine things. Ever see someone do a rune reading? Even tarot? The spatial lay out, the spread, means as much if not a bit more than the symbolism. The order the symbols are read in. The structure they are understood to be displaying.

So the pattern helps you remember. Yes, but it works that way for you as well. It is just more subconscious. This is how your brain makes dream metaphors so naturally.

So we have sensations organized around space and measured according to intensity.

I bet if someone moves something in your personal space, like a desk, it drives you crazy when they don’t put it back. Actually, it does not. I just lose it. It might have only been moved a short distance. I still lose it. It might as well not be present.

Lose the object? Or lose your temper? I just lose the object. I’m use to my spatial map being spotty.

Our understanding is very much a 3D thing? It would be very hard to relate to a being of a different number of dimensions then. Exactly, yes.

I like things to be in their place too. Ah, I don’t like for things to be in their place. I like for things to autobiographically blend. I recall where something is based on what I was feeling at the time, but that is just my personal weirdness though I can read how someones emotional life is going from their environmental organization. The rigidly organized are, so far according to my experience, universally frustrated and aggressive.

So yes, space, sensation, and intensity. We understand our sense of sight to be in front of us. We understand our sense of emotion to be behind us. This is why we so often speak of putting old feelings behind us. We understand our sense of space to be beneath us. We understand our sense of order to be above us. That last is why astrology arose.

Neat. The universe is like a messy bedroom, lots of stuff to uncover. Actually, the universe varies between individuals. Well ordered sensory people tend to be, well… They display tunnel perception. These people tend to be bright but not in the category of genius generally.

They probably don’t believe in aliens if they haven’t seen any. Yes, and they see almost exclusively what they have trained themselves to see. Most people are little aware of their emotions. They are quick and eager to have them pass and is why we associate emotional reactions with falling, because our sense of falling is backward oriented. Have you ever really felt like you were falling when you fell forward?

More like pushed. There is an activity in going forward. It’s because sight is our dominate sense, but this changes with order of intensity. Intensity is always painful.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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