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Avatar Analytics in Natural Computation

Natural Computation

Shall I go back to some science?

Your genetics, and your brain that arises from your genetics, evolved to be able to anticipate events in your environment. That’s its only real purpose. Even anticipating things like your bodily needs and changes in your state of emotional well-being let’s say. One prominent scientist describes it this way. Your brain evolved to let you move around, anticipate obstacles of any kind, and it does this by taking in energy, non-obstacle stimuli. The wall is an obstacle. Your vision of the wall is not.

Well, it isn’t normally an obstacle. People often do make it one though. I will go into that later.

There is a science called predictive analytics, and for the purposes of our discussion we will focus on avatar analytics. What avatar analytics is, is they can collect information that is confirmed to come from the same source, one person, and by animating it in the context of new scenarios, reasonably predict how that person would behave in the new circumstance. It’s called avatar analytics because it “embodies” the information, which backs up embodied cognition theory as well, if you think about it.

Who does this? Oh, many companies, artificial intelligence researchers. It’s becoming rather popular. This is why they want to build peoples online profiles so badly.

Oh, like the robots on Wall Street? Yes, except the Wall Street robots / algorithms have to abstract countless people and they lose detail.

They determine the flux in the market. Yes. They are even now converting skyscrapers in New York into server farms, and there is a man looking to model every function of the human brain with a server he is custom building. People will be able to log on and examine brain function in any region in minute detail when he’s done.

And a chip for our brain to interface? Ah, yes, neural interfaces are present in a number of forms. The single chip interface is far from a reality though.

I heard that where they build the server farms is important in order to reduce the number of hops (i.e. delay) in the algorithms. Yes, so there will be no lag in bid placement, no delay in analysis.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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