'Natural Computation' Chapter

Naturalistc Comprehension

Your genetics, and your brain, that arises from your genetics, evolved to be able to anticipate events in your environment. That’s its only real purpose. We build our predictive programs with what’s left after our post developmental memory has processed our body awareness, has built a self-image, built our first perceptual and cognitive filter. Thus what you have is a simplified or dumbed down version of the core consciousness.

First and foremost your deepest self is talking to the world, and that’s what the world talks back to, not your “reasoning” mind.

“If we extract the rules of how these neural networks are doing computations like pattern recognition we can apply that to create novel computing systems,” Thomas DeMarse

Handling Sensory Data

Neuro- science is discovering much about how the brain handles sensory data and which sensory “modules” interface with others. They have identified some non-sensory functions from being able to study data relating to brain injury, and by performing experimental surgery… Seek More

Agency Bias

So shall we get into the metaphysics? Every day our senses are bombarded with stimuli. Since the first day we were possessed of all of our senses, they have been recording patterns of energy. These patterns, as is entirely natural,… Seek More

Avatar Analytics

Shall I go back to some science? Your genetics, and your brain that arises from your genetics, evolved to be able to anticipate events in your environment. That’s its only real purpose. Even anticipating things like your bodily needs and… Seek More

Predictive Algorithms

Shall we shift to metaphysics now? So I will ask you. Where did all this behavioral data come from that they can use it to predict your behavior so well? Consumption patterns? What is bought when, supply and demand curves?… Seek More

Human Predictive Instinct

Now for human predictive instinct? That core consciousness that “dwells” in the space of the collective consciousness, well… It interfaces primarily with your root cognitive interface, the biological avatar and the embodied skeleton of perception it provides. This is how… Seek More

First Controller

Ok, another bit of science. They have discovered “you are who you date”, meaning you tend to subconsciously adopt the character quirks and faults of a beloved partner not recognizing where you got them from. That’s just the most easily… Seek More

Naturalistic Comprehension

We don’t have to be taught to understand everything we experience. In fact, they have confirmed that some key values are held and displayed even before an infant reaches verbal ability, like cooperation being good and hurtful interference being bad.… Seek More

Language Guides Thought

English speaking cultures notoriously have a spotty sense of direction. How clear would you say the rules of structure are in English language? Very ambiguous. The difference between normal English and the Queens’ English for instance. And there is no… Seek More

Senses Organized Around Space

So yes, all of our senses organize around our sense of space. Our brains map things metaphorically speaking. Even in my case, as autistics are known for exceptional visual skills, those come in two flavours. A sort of modelling, and… Seek More

Sense of Intensity

An interesting side note regarding emotions… Emotional pain and physical pain use the same systems in the brain, but there is a universal behaviour regarding the two. Emotional pain always registers as more intense than physical pain, even to the… Seek More