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Meditation is intimacy with self. You are stopping and opening your awarness to “death” in the moment.

Predictive Algorithms in Natural Computation

Natural Computation

Shall we shift to metaphysics now?

So I will ask you. Where did all this behavioral data come from that they can use it to predict your behavior so well?

Consumption patterns? What is bought when, supply and demand curves? Your experience. The repeated and reinforced stimuli that taught you to behave in specific ways when you encounter specific circumstances, and this environmental stimuli is potentially only modified by your personal biological constitution. How much your body tells you you like chocolate, or how much sexual hormone you’re genetically disposed to produce, things like that. It would seem to back up behaviorism all the way. Sound like solid science so far?

Yes, if I discover I look good in yellow, I buy yellow things. Well, what stimuli you experience isn’t accidentally arranged. Weather conditions shift according to cosmological equilibrium. Biological behavior shifts according to ecological equilibrium. You get the flu because the flu wants you to catch it. You get rained on because physical forces come to agreement enough that rain is the outcome. One simple factor being in dissent, out of place, and no rain.

What is intelligence?

Two types, internal and external. Well, let’s go with the dictionary definition for now. “Capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding, and similar forms of mental activity; aptitude in grasping truths, relationships, facts, meanings, etc.” Basically, the fidelity of order you put stimuli into. Simple differences can muddy that fidelity, and much more complex differences assign different relative values to stimuli. It doesn’t matter how clearly you understand cake if you are unable to bake it. So does reality seem confused about itself?

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No. Not only is it not confused, but there is evidence that it even edits errors, seeks to reconcile contradictions over time.

Ok. The predictive algorithms are not perfectly accurate. Why is that?

Things change their mind?

Reality has freewill to change.

Well, there is another human bias, and some of these biases I see as artificial. They are the by-product of diseased distortion of naturally occurring structures. The insistence on bringing things “to their logical conclusion.”

It’s been proven that human memory is fallible. In a sense, it’s an active process and distorts literal facts. It actually has to. It simplifies things you have experienced, and makes irregular things more regular, more orderly, more balanced. This is why they say time heals all wounds. A horrible thing, in time, gets altered in your memory, keeping only the salient parts and losing much of the magnitude that made it seem like such a cataclysm when you first experienced it. You do this when you experience the depth of your memory as well. The process of memory is not localized anywhere in the brain. It’s distributed. This has been proven. You don’t have a memory bank, your whole brain remembers things, and has done so from day one. The most foundational memories we have are preverbal, raw stimuli, primal emotional experience.

Hearts retain memories too. Yes, heart, stomach, everything, and in those root memories we haven’t begun to edit or restructure anything that imprints on our senses. So every memory from that time is very complex. It is the source of what scientists call juvenile amnesia. I may have the term wrong, but it’s the phenomenon that leads almost everyone to be unable to remember much of anything they experienced before about the age of four.

Ah, it can’t be edited? It can’t be edited so it’s instead partitioned which introduces perceptual and thus cognitive fragmentation through the process of maturation. We build our predictive programs with what’s left after our post developmental memory has processed our body awareness, has built a self-image, built our first perceptual and cognitive filter. Thus what you have is a simplified or dumbed down version of the core consciousness.

There are inevitable errors and oversights, but even though we have shut out those early stages of our consciousness, they still break through our partition and defy our ability to rationalize them in the context of our filter. So we just say they are “human nature”, but they are not human nature. That is a cheap glass job. The qualifier is unnecessary. Drop the human and you have nature. What a human being really is is something more akin to a force of nature, and your awareness was originally in harmony with the absolute reality around you. That truth that science is trying to get at in such an abstract way.

Your inclinations arise from the elemental force of desire. Desire arises from the intelligence of life itself. Your self awareness is first established with the background of consciousness as a mirror. You collect information from the same source as you collected your biological matter, and craft individuality from that, which in time you discard in favor of creating a personality or ego.

What the programs are decoding is ego. They don’t use and perhaps can’t use the process that gives rise to individuality. Your ego is not an individual. It’s been reproduced memetically for centuries, even millennia.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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