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Human Predictive Instinct in Natural Computation

Natural Computation

Now for human predictive instinct?

That core consciousness that “dwells” in the space of the collective consciousness, well… It interfaces primarily with your root cognitive interface, the biological avatar and the embodied skeleton of perception it provides. This is how it acquires language, and how it first communicates with the world in the developmental stage. Your biology, and the cells and bacteria in it, have a mind of their own, which grows to mesh more and more with the quantum locus that is your individuality. But at the machine code stage of the body mind union, you have a field of awareness that is capable of anticipating all energetic shifts, all event cycles, every moment of human interaction.

If you stripped Windows down to the most basic functional code, that’s the part of the brain mind interface I am referring to, and it learns not only single event stimuli, but whole patterns of quantum entanglement. It doesn’t filter these. Like a quantum computer that could compute in bits that are simultaneously 1 and 0, so can this root brain mind interface.

Where is it in the mind? There is no space in the mind, and it’s all pervasive in the brain. It is in the very cytoarchitecture, the skeleton of cells themselves.

There is no entry point into the brain? No single entry point. It uses multiphasic juxtaposition.

What about the pineal gland? That’s just a very useful operant function of the brain, especially sensitive, but does in no way localize the mind or restrict its access to other parts of the body. The pineal gland is the minds smartphone to the rest of the body, but it’s still also sitting in the car.

So, from time to time, usually when people are either especially fatigued or especially emotional, elements of the core consciousness experience manage to break through into the conscious mind. But the conscious mind is poorly prepared to break down such a complex pattern. It doesn’t speak its own language, if you will, so its predictive value is lost more often than not. It would have to incorporate elements that humanity has judged as “alien” to human nature. So the core consciousness is clever, and begins to project its content out onto the environment. Follow me so far?

Do you have examples of these elements? Well, we have data relevant to a great many other species on the planet, just about everything mammalian, if not everything. If you think like a dog, you will see the world not in a “dumb dog” filter, but in a way that humans don’t actually comprehend, or don’t allow themselves to understand.

Ever notice you can’t really control your body language, or your hormonal reactions, like say adrenaline rush?

Yes. I often wonder how some people can be such good liars. They are good liars because humans tend to be shallow thinkers. It’s part of those biases, conserves energy, and we have an innate need to trust our social group.

People are trained to detect liars from body language though the pathological ones do tend to have a certain “slickness” about them. Well, your core consciousness will gesture at things in your environment. It hasn’t lost access to that. It will selectively agitate a dog at an important time say, leading the dog to drive you away from that place.

Hence we have that sense that the world is talking to us? Yes. First and foremost your deepest self is talking to it, and that’s what the world talks back to, not your “reasoning” mind.

One time I growled at a dog teasingly. He took me serious. It actually surprised me. Did you know why you felt like growling at him?

I figured he would know I was kidding. Maybe, he didn’t have a sense of humor. He sensed what your core consciousness wanted him to. Were you socially stressed at the time?

Hmm, don’t know, perhaps, but not towards him. The core consciousness can signal animals to provoke an empathy response in you, making you more emotionally sensitive to what’s going on around you on that level.

So maybe he felt threatened and that triggered me to growl, even if in jest. Yes.

What about plants? Can use plants as well. Communicates with plants by smell.

And minerals? Uses magnetic resonance in that case. This is why you sometimes feel really stressed standing near a pile of rocks, for no reason, and later that same pile of rocks will sooth you.

Crystals seem very vocal. They are, like tweety birds, and like birds they have a great memory for “words”, things you mean to think or do. They repeat them back to you when they feel uncomfortable which often makes you feel uncomfortable, like your pet parrot picking up on bedroom speech.

Will that affect people who wear jewelry? Yes, but crystals favour harmonious energy. So if they meditate, it will like those energies better.

And they are specialized too. Resonate differently from each other, yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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