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Human Control of Human Evolution in Transhumanism


Is anyone familiar with transhumanism? Are you familiar with humanism? It’s a comparatively modern school of thought, created and supported based on the opinion that old models of human society and values have grown outmoded, or perhaps never actually had much worth to begin with.

“Presume not God to scan; the proper study of mankind is man.” Alexander Pope gets the credit. That said it well.

I will ask you a question. Does the “natural” human condition seem to be ideal?

Physically, it appears to me to have a lot of frailties; no heart backup, poor spine design. There are a lot of messy carry overs and fudges from previous versions. We’ve been patched way too much. Ah yes, those benchmark elements are now concretely traceable. A new release could be engineered much better.

It seems less than ideal for most: unfairness and suffering, etc. The human condition can be described currently as the human plight. Is that unfair to say? Much of current human behaviour is not only anti-productive but also the source of a great deal of subjective as well as communal suffering.

Yes, planetary plight as well. Indeed. It’s affecting the planet also. The fight or flight response has been connected to more than one form of mental illnessWould it be morally wrong for humans to take ownership and responsibility for human biological evolution? If so, how so?

You mean like selective breeding? Actually, nothing so time intensive or compromising of personal liberties as that. It isn’t simply a matter of eugenics.

I suppose morals only come into it if we are impinging others with prejudice due to this advancement. Ah, indeed. There are some core ethical concerns and answers behind transhumanist philosophy, but at the core of it is the notion of human control of human evolution.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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