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My prize is in seeing.

Gain Control of Desire and Thought in Desire


People are not conscious of their conscious minds. Their conscious minds move like a restless sleeper in bed, and their conscious thought really in no functional way differs from dream. Different medium, same content.

Where one can gain control of desire and thought is in the understanding of what thought is, imagination. You live in a world projected for you by your subconscious mind while awake, and the same skills that a lucid dreamer can develop will impact waking life as well. It won’t bend the behaviour of physics and matter, but it will bend the potential for consciousness and insight, and vastly broaden the potential for creative adaption allowing the seemingly impossible because the range of human understanding will cease to operate under its habitual constraints.

John Lennon was onto something with ‘Imagine.’ Indeed. That facet of your minds function is the core basis for the insight process.

Even the sociopath arrives at their fantastical view of the world, as horrifying as it is, in the same way we arrive at our “normal” view. And they get there for the same reason we do, unconscious reactivity to their “conscious” thought. You have only the one circuit breaker to use.

John Nash said his ideas about aliens came from the same place as his insights about math. Indeed, and it’s been proven (as much as science proves anything) it, as well, is subject to subconscious projection and heavily so. There is a lot of emotion behind the idea of “truth” as valuable as the idea is. So, how real is your reality anyway?

For me, very but objectively not so much. There is a way to gauge this. The reason the murderous psychopath gets stuck on their vicious cycle? Their conscious understanding puts their subconscious mind in a state of jeopardy.

The subconscious mind doesn’t compute anything, so it begins to fire up the computing mind which reflexively repeats the patterns of thought that produce the sense of jeopardy, insecurity. Their reality becomes self-affirming, even more intensely so when they come to the realization that their peers want to kill them for what they did. This makes their dream world seem even more real, even exciting. They become addicted to it as a form of masochistic entertainment. They escape not from their suffering, but into their suffering. Your reality is real to the degree that it stabilizes the subconscious mind, centers your consciousness.

An identity issue? Well, people will forever have identity issues as long as they continue to believe that they are their conscious mind which is just their imagination at work. You will begin to feel like you have an identity when the subconscious is connected in a strong, centred way to your sense of the world around you.

I recall Buddhism’s “no self.” I feel it’s more accurately said “no one self.”

Or perhaps, no one “solid” self. Yes.

Self is a potential energy that manifests in behaviour and growth in its kinetic stage, but it’s not meant to become static. Static = entropy = death.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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