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Still Just Communication in Transdimensional Transgression

We assume alien life is out to destroy earth. If they were, earth would be long gone by now. They have no interest in destroying earth. Many of their technologies use principles and resources that have nothing to do with anything on earth, or our region of phase space either. Strange matter is really very mundane matter.

My thinking is that any alien with the knowledge to get themselves to us probably won’t be stopped by any weapon we have now. No. Deterred by humanities weaponized mentality, but not the weapons themselves.

Humans aren’t ready for contact yet. They may not be given a choice, sort of a ripping off the bandaid scenario, but right now it is still just communication, information level experimentation. Communication and experimentation are really the same thing. Humanity has been blind in that regard. Experimenting as if the universe were a machine, and nothing would notice what they do.

Then we should tell them to never ever talk to the government. If you want real people talk to us, the everyday earthlings. Not required.

When meteors fall to earth do they glow green? I saw that once crossing a bridge over a river. They glow all colors, but your vantage point or the local atmosphere might have contributed to a specific appearance.

Most people won’t tell the media that an extra-dimensional being was talking to them through their razor. Actually, if it were an actual extra dimensional being, you would first experience sensory isolation. The stuff you more commonly hear about is psychic noise, not communication.

So everything would go black? At first, and your motor responses would be cut out leaving mostly just your autonomic responses working.

This is perhaps why they take advantage of our dream state? Yes indeed, the dream state. The human brain synching up with the earths electromagnetic field. This is the most gentle way they have of making an impact on human consciousness.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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