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Your heart is the real truth. Your eye is the beauty which it beholds, and your purpose is contained in all that your being embraces and holds in awe.

Earth’s Neighbour in Transdimensional Transgression

The advancement agenda’s by-product has been the strange epidemics in non-standard consciousness. Autism perhaps being the most visible. The regressionists are embracing the “survival” of the fittest concept and setting up stress on “alpha” intellects, thus increasingly making things like heart disease the world’s number one killer now. Those who survive will be more “integrated” in their awareness.

So kill off the unbalanced? Life cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. The failure to preserve life creates a node of distressed consciousness, a tumour in the fabric of the multiverse.

There have been worlds that have entirely died. These form “hells” in the multiversal consciousness, and spread their influence even more rapidly as their information is corrupt and the effort to resist it depletes the resources of other worlds. This weakens those worlds’ immune systems.

That is certainly motivation to intervene and work out a survival system. Earth had one such neighbour. Oh? Yes. It has gone by quite a few names. Human beings had sightings from it on a more or less regular basis. An insectile species were dominant there and had made huge advancements in biotechnology. They and their constructs resembled our arachnids (scorpions and locusts) though much more abstract.

What names do we call it? Hades? Gehenna? Ah, not Hades, but yes Gehenna. Hades is a reach of the earth zone.

And humans would document the sightings? They could and did. The Book of Revelations makes mention of that. A slip of retro cognition on that “prophets” part. Humans haven’t yet gotten very good at sorting the relationships that would actually let them plot events in their limited fourth dimensional horizon. It might help if they could get off the surface of the fourth dimension and get a metaphorical bird’s eye view. Perhaps in time…

Is that neighbour you mentioned gone now? No. It’s now subject to… What’s the term for it, when a country is blocked off by sea?

Sanctioned maybe, like trade sanctions? Yes. It’s currently under sanction, but there is another word for it. Blockade? Diplomats can become wardens if needs be.

Allotment is a term used to describe blocked space by airlines on behalf of forwarders/shippers. It’s a no fly zone for sure. My reason for doing this class is I have made mention to this in passing in many other classes.

Embargo? Ah yes. They are being embargoed until they can adapt beyond their favoured form of parasitism.

They fed off of humans like ticks? Actually, worse than ticks. The tick life cycle does involve only a limited time parasitism.

The insect planet is being blocked from progressing? It’s being blocked from accessing phase space, not blocked from progressing. They are the multiversal equivalent of a superfund site, but with more action being taken.

They all must be interested in what we find with the Hadron collider? They are indeed. They have been awaiting our quantum computing breakthrough. They look forward to communication.

We will get there. Yes. The universe underestimates humans or is it that we underestimate ourselves? Well, that is one point of view. They do believe humans will accomplish it. They even seek to assist, and first contact will be mistaken for spontaneous AI unless humans broaden their mind more.

Will we ruin it all with the security obsession? That will likely be an issue. They hack better than humans do though.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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