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Outsiders Point of View in Transdimensional Transgression

Now I have to get even more wildly metaphorical, unfortunately, but I think it will all make sense. Imagine earth was a website. Everything else online in the internet can more or less freely access the information of earth with some simple guidelines and restrictions, of course.

Ok. Well, in order for the internet to function well there have to be some commonly used protocols. A universal protocol or code would be best, but wide spread is good enough for our purposes.

Like the www in a web address? Yes, indeed. When something violates the code too blatantly, it gets blocked or even red flagged by other sites. Code that is entirely corrupt or unrecognizable to other systems is treated as malware.

Spammer? And yes, earth is a huge spammer. It’s developed a malware reputation. This is why the growing interest in intervention from “outsiders.”

Why is earth so concerned about prescription drugs and my penis size? Yes. They wonder that among other things. Mind you, their own contact with earth is non-temporal and non-spatial so the incidence of such intervention would be, at least from a human perspective, impossible to track.

To explain, if you accept the Mayan imagery as an example of so called alien intervention, they may have been motivated to make that visitation because of something we are currently doing, and the locals of that time space locale would have no clue what they were doing or why no matter how much the visitors might try to explain.

I’ve read some theories that UFO sightings went up during the peak of nuclear weapon activity on earth. Nuclear weapons were the first impression of that kind made on the multiverse. Humans made weapons before power generators. This is and was definitely a disturbing behaviour from an outsiders point of view.

We were the first in the multiverse to make nuclear weapons? Oh no, nowhere near the first, but many species don’t put weaponization first and some managed not to do it at all.

We as terrestrial beings put a great deal of importance on earth’s ecosystems. Well, earth itself is part of a transdimensional ecosystem as well, and just as we might get concerned at a sudden outbreak of plague, so do they. Human evolution has actually been relatively quick. This makes many doubt the stability of human consciousness.

Feral sentience has a really bad track record, so, we aren’t dealing with intervention from a single culture, but from a collective cooperative, and they aren’t in total agreement about the humanity crisis so they have been implementing agendas that right now are working a bit at cross purposes to each other. One is trying to enlighten humanity. The other is trying to regress or atavise humanity, believing the only fix is to force a do over.

Does it have to be one or the other? Actually no, and they are by no means omnipotent themselves. Their influence has had an imperfect impact, and there are less invested factions modifying the outcomes even further. See this playing out at all?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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