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You can’t convince yourself your dreams are meaningless and have meaning in your waking experience.

Imposed Point of View in Deception


You don’t have a single will. We all want many things at any given time. You have a will to live, a will to exert influence, a will to create stability. The list goes on and on. How do we reconcile all these things we will to do? Keep them all in balance and in working order?

It seems they’re often not and then we’re stressed about what to do.

We had one will when we were first conscious of freedom of choice. We had a will to love. All other forms of will are variations of this. In the process of growth, our will to love took on many ideas, many experiences as half visible and poorly understood as they might have been in our formative years, as they call it, and mostly we never deviate from this.

We don’t originally have a free won’t, just a free will. We don’t have what neuro-psychiatrists are calling many things, but I will go with executive veto. We don’t understand that we can choose to stop things as a child.

Stop feelings? Stop doing things that create the experience of the feelings that hurt us. Our feelings are natural and instinctive, organic and part of what it is to be alive.

Is that innocence? To some degree, that is innocence.

What is deception other than someone stopping you from doing something?

I think parents make the mistake of always telling the child when to stop, instead of letting him or her learn it themselves. Yes, and not considering what to encourage in their children, obviously with some guidance to safety. They give little thought to what are the actual assets available to their child.

When we deceive another, all we are doing is imposing our personal point of view on them. This inevitably obstructs their own vision, diverts their own attention from their own needs, and sidetracks their own activities as we are conditioned to believe that we have to process what other people put on us.

Deceit is not automatically evil. In order to establish peace there must be some lines drawn. As they say, good fences make good neighbors. We all have to have the freedom to direct our attention in a straight line, to choose a path and have the freedom to flow along that path. One hand has to conceal, even while the other one makes ready to reveal.

Animals use deceit to get their prey and they then have food to eat. Yes. It’s natural and vital to their survival. For us, it’s vital to our sanity.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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