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Limited Points of View in Deception


What is deception?

Intention to misinform.

Intention to sway a choice to your own favour.

A form of manipulation.

It is perhaps one of the biggest crimes of the dark seeker. Why is that?

They feel they can’t be upfront about things? Other’s feel they can’t be upfront about things. The rap sheet of a dark seeker is long, if there were police for such things, but there aren’t and there is a reason for that. Ever notice that something seen from one angle can seem totally obvious, but seen from another point of view it seems hidden, perhaps even deliberately obscured?

Just as you can’t arbitrarily decide that gravity is a suggestion you are going to ignore today, the laws of the spiritual world are equally persistent. But people tend to have limited points of view, so much seems occult or deceitful even.

How often do you feel confused?

It depends on the time of day. I will take that as often enough.

I feel confused when I don’t believe I am being given all the facts. Indeed, and guess who plays the biggest role in that?

Myself? The individual is the biggest trickster they will ever face, and the reason for that is they have bought into an idea of who they are as an individual.

We all go through our lives having experiences, and with no effort on our part we remember experiences, but we may fall out of the habit of thinking about them. We instead turn those things we don’t want to think about, or be responsible for, into assumptions. These assumptions form the idea of who we are, the role we assume.

We make these assumptions naturally. It’s an instinct we have that lets us figure out what place we have in the human world. It’s a sort of pack consciousness if you will, and these ideas build up like lava forms stone as it enters the sea, but we don’t have to keep these assumptions. They are of minimal use, the bulk of them. The reason we keep them, despite having the freedom not to, is we become wrapped up in exercising free will.

The assumptions begin to turn into paranoia? Yes, and our free will is just an anxiety we experience when we feel we are faced with the supposed truth of our inadequacy. We only exercise fee will when we feel threatened.

Everything you ever witness, everything you might ever consider, will be seen only from a defined and therefore limited point of view. We have another strength we could be exercising though. The coin of illusion is two sided. We can exercise our free won’t.

If you won’t co-operate then that is your freedom not to? Yes. It means you are not ready for whatever free will is on the other side of the won’t. It can mean you are choosing not to take on the energy of that will.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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