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The world is not a machine, You can’t fix it. You can only scar it or let it heal and grow.

Causal Interaction Across Phase Space in Transdimensional Transgression

Now perhaps this level is the best for explaining causal interaction across phase space, shall we?

Each parallel earth is its own physical entity just as physical as our own. Why this is possible is that they exist at different phases or states of resonant information from our own. Enough of their physical reality has differed from our own to create their own pocket of phase space.

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Now the baseline for all regions of phase space is the zero point resonance. All possible manifest space manifests across a membrane of zero point resonance for lack of a better metaphorical construct. So the seeming separation between possible alternate earths is not seamless. Each version of earth is not a solid bubble but more like a porous cell like in the human body. Each shift in a neighbouring world and change in quality of its phase space imprint creates a “signal” that likewise impacts and changes the neighbouring earths. Like chemical signaling in the human body, there may be a vast gap of apparent space, but through the zero point continuum and phase space exchanges, the gap is insignificant. Where phase space would be the ocean, zero point resonance would be the tide. Tidal rhythm.

So space is effectively zero beyond a certain point. This is even evidenced at the fringes of our own observable universe where according to older theories the rotational speed of matter should have slowed down, it instead speeds up as if the entire universe were nested in one huge gravity well, and beyond that you have the transdimensional medium which is non-spatial and non-temporal. Of course the map isn’t quite so neat and orderly as a simple universal bubble, but this works for now.

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Travis Saunders
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