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Non-Space Continuum in Transdimensional Transgression

The core concept behind today’s topic of transdimensional transgression is what is referred to in physics as the observer effect. Just as the planet has undergone a mineral evolution because of the presence of life on and beneath its surface, the surface of emergent space in our world impinges on adjacent regions of what we might call a non-space continuum. The whole process by which human beings think and act creates both gross material changes as well as energetic changes in our environment. Increased numbers of powerful electromagnetic fields, highly concentrated locations of nuclear fission, and heavy chemical decay deposits as well, to name a few.

The shifting biological, thermal, and magnetic fields have an impact yes, but there is a composite impact built up in the “information” created through activities in our world. Information can be defined as any states of energy or matter that have distinct qualities from each other. The constant activity of intelligence on a world creates a sort of “gravity” on that non-space I spoke of earlier, and alters the patterns of energy as they move through what has been called “phase space” all around and through our planet, radio signals, microwave transmissions, and cumulative biological stress of the world organisms. Over time this buildup of a footprint around a planet becomes more or less permanent, and begins to attract attention from those who already utilize this level of “space” or reality.

Time space is an emergent quality of existing as we do in our world and our region of space. In the phase space that interpenetrates and surrounds our world the temporal coordinate effectively doesn’t exist.

In this non-space, how is one region differentiated from another? Ah, each region is differentiated from the others by a quality of resonance. Information working on the same wavelength synchs up with similar information. Still remaining in our neighbourhood, this creates the sphere of possible earths that all occupy our same time space, but it isn’t confined to the gravity well that these resonating parallel earths create.

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