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You can’t get there from here. Remember wherever you go there you are, and there is no enemy anywhere.

Fabric of the Universe in Perfection


Is someone a wise weaver of the universe fabric? Actually no. There is a heart to it all. A sort of hyperspace. The place in Buddhism called Nirvana is not oblivion. The home of the “ascended masters”. Ultimately it’s all a creative effort. A growing up and into our full potential. The angels are our elder siblings, but even they need to see what we are learning here. There is no group that is alone.

It all points to the same nameless, yet relatively observable experiences. These are the fabric of this existence itself. No one gets lost. The dark reaches, and the light, are not one above the other. They are side by side. Everywhere telling the tale. The great wheel ever turning.

To see things as they really are, you see it’s the axis of the flipping that is real, not the polarities. And the boundaries are blurry. Yin and yang. I normally have yin traits, but being in balance the yang is obvious. Both are valid.

To breath is wisdom, to eat is wisdom, to touch another gently is wisdom. To engage an experience powerfully is wisdom. The simplicity of cooking an egg, that is wisdom. We think nothing big of cooking an egg, and yet we shake in fear at making ourselves open and vulnerable to another. Wisdom is available in endless supply, and yet…

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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