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Time has been very expansive, and consciousness came well before humanity.

State Over the Universe in Siddhis


Do these siddhis make up the ultimate potential of humanity? Perhaps, but according to the tradition that catalogued them, no. Ultimately, a siddha, one who manifests the siddhis, is said to be able to achieve a state “over the universe”, ascension if you will, and should they not choose to ascend into the shakti or energy state, they are said to be immortal.

So only certain people can achieve that state? No, in theory everyone can achieve this state in time and with continuous application.

I’ve heard, that in Buddhist teaching, they will warn you about them as they can distract you from your path. Indeed, in many of the stories, like one in which the siddha demonstrated walking on water, a modification of the weightlessness attainment. He was trying to get passage from a ferryman across the river, but he had no money. The ferryman refused so he relented and instead walked across. This amazed the ferryman of course, but the siddha said that this miracle was cheap by comparison to getting a ferry ride. It wasn’t worth the effort.

He could have used prakamya to materialize (rez) the money. Yes, I suspect he wanted to experience the man’s voluntary generosity. He had no luck there.

I’m sure the biggest warning is due to the potential for corruption. They need to be advanced to handle the power. Well, yes, siddhis don’t equate to wisdom, and foolish siddhas have been historically confronted. As much as the attainments give you deep insight into the metaphysical truths of reality, all of them, they don’t give you the heart of spirit to really understand what it all means, and why one should do or avoid doing the things they do. So since they don’t have that insight, they can have things happen like being tricked into using their powers on themselves. I suspect some of that traditions “demons” were likely siddhas. Their stories describe them as thinking and behaving like humans, even engaging in the same practices to reach the attainments.

It seems more and more like life is a simulation, and that you can tinker behind the scenes. Well, even science is beginning to see and accept some very strange things even though they have dug their feet in about the possible applications. Quantum effects have been demonstrated on the macroscopic scale, and they have also been demonstrated in warm and wet systems, like our biology, something they previously thought would be impossible.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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