So now what? Is only ever now and now is perfectly what it is.

Ascension Force in Ascension


Today, we talk about ascension. It’s a natural process the universe itself is going through.

The greatest force in the universe is potential energy. This singularity is composed of the potential represented by our universe at it’s most complex and most conscious.

All life and all mind is not just existing, it’s evolving. Growing toward the closest thing to the absolute that our universe can express, and this gravity, metaphorically speaking, effects every being in our universe.

Would that be like a human that never ages or dies? Yes, and doesn’t have a fixed form confining their self expression either.

So the explosion at the big bang was the beginning of ascension? Yes, though it was just one of an endless stream of such events.

How can you stop growing if you are full of cells that grow? Would you be born twenty one and stay that way? You would not be defined by organic growth. You would shift into an energetic state after a certain point of maturity. Energy being.

But the same ascension force, that is leading this universe toward its utmost level of complexity and consciousness, is leading other universes to express diversity from ours. Though no single universe serves as the center of this multiversal expanse, rather there is a domain that can be called a hyperspace that permeates all these pockets of expressed reality.

Won’t it continue indefinitely as there are infinite expressions of the potential? Yes, and there is no actual end point in time when our universe will somehow achieve ascension that it hasn’t reached now. But there is a space between the ascended level of our universe and this region we are familiar with. By space, I mean a complex of relational points that would seem to need progressing past to reach ascension. So there is in fact no temporal schedule of ascension. Ascension is a state not only of consciousness but of being.

I suppose seeing it however is another matter? Indeed. You cannot change your state of consciousness and avoid changing your state of being.

So we can “be in different states of consciousness”? We can be, because along the fourth dimensional axis we already are. This is the origin of the concept of the higher self. The idea being that your mortal self and your higher self both exist at the same time, but that your mortal self has to grow toward communion with higher self. I suppose from one point of view this is true, and concepts that give at least some help in understanding the path do have value.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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