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There is plenty of violence for all the anti-violence, which is just more violence.

Accessing Our Higher Self in Ascension


Where does the higher self exist? The higher self exists in the ascension state. I don’t say the ascended state because that implies that it is a terminal point, where it is more of a zero point. It exists everywhere and its energy expresses you in all states and at all times. It’s also the center of your karmic memory.

The point from which we arise? Yes. The akashic record is more context sensitive memory. Earth based.

How do we access our higher selves? Well, there are a number of moments that give us passing access to the higher self, but they are all a form of crisis. The word crisis originally was a reference to sudden opportunity. What keeps us from using our crisis gates is the spiritual force called hubris.

I have yet to experience this, but I would say giving birth is one moment? Giving birth is indeed a crisis point, as is being engrossed in a moment of mortality. They are the same. People avoid much that promises truth, but there is another crisis that is perhaps a bit less obvious.

Another argument for why people love extreme sports like sky diving? They are in those moments of personal crisis? Yes, but brushes with the fragility of ones own sanity are another form of crisis. Though they don’t directly threaten the flesh and blood, they actually have a more profound affect on awareness and are much harder to recover from.

Near death experiences? Near death experiences are mortality crisis points.

So a nervous breakdown can be cleansing? It can, or it can be the most polluting experience you could have. It all depends on your degree of readiness.

Meditation is a path of controlled crisis. A practiced crisis of mind. Profound worship experiences are a similar crisis of mind induced by profound emotion.

You learn how to hold mind steady in meditation? By holding mind steady, you counter the force of hubris. Hubris is the force that keeps us engrossed in our current level of consciousness. Hubris is the so called sane response to the sense of the insanity of reality.

Ah, and never use the gate? Or when having it used it once, it can keep us at that second step convincing ourselves that we are now godlike.

The pineal gland? The pineal gland is one of the centers that give us access to the gate, yes. It is the mind center.

I am not familiar with the term “gate”. It’s Asian, though I am translating it into English, and it relates to computer programming as well. The checkpoint at which a process changes or has the potential to change.

And, or, nor, xor gates? Exactly. Ah, where the signal changes. Signal and bandwidth both.

So when out of body, do we go through the gate? Without the body, hubris can keep us in twilight. A sort of senility of the soul, or we can transition temporarily into the between known by Buddhists as the bardo. Only later to return to the earth state.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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