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The Continuum in Ascension


In ascension, does the lives the soul experiences have more access to soul knowledge? Yes. An ascended individual takes on a responsibility to the community of the ascended.

Our bodies’ makeover is for that purpose? Yes. This is why some have even disappeared all together. It was a necessity to interrupt their normal incarnation cycle though this is very rare. The community, also known as the chorus, doesn’t want morbidity to set in on this reality.

Where do they go? They go to the bardo, the between, whatever name you prefer.

Is that space time? It’s the zero point.

Why would the cycle be interrupted? Hmm, well, in some cases there has been a continuity breach largely due to a misunderstanding. There was a tribe in the United States that went as a whole. They are not taken permanently out of the cycle, just delayed. The role of the awakened is to serve as editors to the writers.

What did they do wrong? They didn’t do anything wrong. The continuum changed. It’s not about error. At the point of one of these radical shifts, a new copy of our world spawns. They go on to exist there.

Doesn’t collective consciousness change the continuum? It does, indeed.

Like in the movies when time travel changes the present? Yes. Time is not linear, and there is no such thing as true paradox.

We move through wrinkles. Yes, or more specifically the wrinkles move through us.

Is it warranted in time travelling movies that the biggest ‘don’t’ is to tell someone or know too much about your own future? Would it really be a mistake to run into your future self? That does hold true, but not for the reasons they state.

I suppose as we become more conscious and have more of an effect on our future and past selves, this could happen more frequently? Indeed, it could.

Are the copies of us in other worlds still us, but just a little to the side? That is exactly what they are, and it is why we can dream of being “other people”.

Are they all writing the books for the same soul? They are.

Like a three way mirror image of us. The middle you is not the same as the you in the left or right side. Also true. The middle you is in the middle of all other versions of you.

So like our future self is us down the road, our alternate selves are us but moved sideways? Yes. This is where you go in dreams, and it is what has eyes to see when you have a vision or give your attention fully to your imagination. They are very close to each other.

Can we go into our past and future in our dreams? Can and do. Modern science says that our memory is imperfect, that it gets distorted as we age and experience other things. This is not true. Our memory of the event changed because the event itself changes. The event gets repeated, well, for our purposes countless times. With subtle variations, until it’s unrecognizable to us.

This is why we need to process past events in our lives. It really changes the present and not just our thinking? Yes. The so called recorded hauntings are real hauntings. They are just not the locus of that persons consciousness. It has moved on. The memory of the person is still part of the person. It is still playing out in their consciousness.

So when you are remembering something, you are haunting that event? Yes.

Ascension is this tweaking. A purification of sorts? Yes. An alchemy. Code monkey work. An elaborate virtual reality experiment.

Can we bring our dreams of past and future into the virtual world of Second Life? We can, and what you do in Second Life will have the same affect as what you do while asleep, literally.

And we can work on them with others here? You can, and can gain some additional insight you might not otherwise have gained. In that sense, Second Life is a dimension all its own.

Could this circle we’re sitting in now be part of our future selves? It can and will be.

We are dimensional travelers. Yes. So as dimensional travelers, ascension is the satellite that your GPS guides you by. Your GPS being your imagination / intuition.

GPS can be dodgy though. Your own mental behaviour can be dodgy also. Your specific receiver still behaves the way you tell it to. So as they say, garbage in – garbage out. This is why I try to encourage the lines of thought and life experimentation I do. It debugs your GPS.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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