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Divination is creative revelation.

Soul To Soul in Ascension


Can we experience our higher self in the Second Life virtual world? We can. Second Life can be a venue for practicing what some have called pathworking.

The mind cannot tell the difference between something vividly imagined and something experienced with the senses. Pathworking is focus directed into the inner world. Though to describe it as inner is only a half truth, because your sensory experiences are also internal. It might be better to say the spirit world or the quantum world. A broader more encompassing state. In this inner world, which we can express to the senses in Second Life, we encounter our full presence in the world expressed in a more direct manner.

So we are experiencing in an internal way? Is that soul to soul? It is, yes.

Sensory experiences are certainly felt in Second Life when you are with people you connect deeply to. If you imagine hugging them you feel the warmth where their arms would be. No one can tell me now that Second Life is not real. And I can tell you that real life isn’t real. There isn’t real life and Second Life, there is just life. Your real life is you. It’s your feelings and imagination, and intuition, perception, all of it.

Do the souls merge together? Souls are non local.

How do they connect? Souls use local incarnation sort of like we use finger puppets in the material world. Being non local, they are never out of contact with each other, but they connect more deeply than contact by affinity or rapport.

Focus of consciousness? Oh, yes. The non local soul uses bodies to express context sensitive energies, potentials, and to share in the experience and thus growth of others who are operating in the same theatre of reality.

Is soul our higher self / ascended state? It is, yes.

And it is still an individual? Yes, but like a finger puppet, you put it away when you are done with it. This information is preserved in the memory of earth, and can be retrieved later if necessary. This is why there is so much duplication in humans. Not because of the medium, though it itself is rather simple, but because the book of that form is not fully written. Thus you can do photographic analysis of the human population and discover only a few sets of individual images though there are many identities behind those faces. The body is not only recovered, it is duplicated, just like you can find many people own models of a monkey puppet.

There are more identities than there are genes? So some genes obviously get recycled. Indeed. It’s really a very good technology, but it is being modified now. It has grown a bit out of date, so to speak.

We’re here doing a job for our soul writing the book of life? From the book of this universe new universes are written for the simple joy of creation.

Bubbles. Yes.

Do our souls retain the memories of their experiences? The soul does, yes, but it keeps good records. It is an excellent writer, if you will. It won’t break continuity. Meaning when it starts a new life, the new one will know little of the exact details of previous lives, though there are some strategic exceptions.

Archiving all the books we write. Can it read another souls books too? It can, and does so during its break periods with their permission of course. Which is usually freely given, because there is nothing to lose by sharing and much to gain. It’s, as they say, better than sex.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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