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There is truth to find. Just because the path isn’t straight doesn’t mean there is no destination. Truth is hidden in plain sight. Finding is still an act we do.

Minds In Soul in Ascension


I find it interesting how my body and mind take on an expansive feeling just hearing about ascension. I expect that is recognition. Well, about the expansive feeling, the mind is much like an amoeba. It is protean. Formless, but not without character, not without an individual nature. When the mind is fed a lie, it compromises the minds integrity, makes it freeze up and hesitate if not shrink away just as toxic chemicals make an amoeba avoid them. But when it meets something compatible with its own nature, it grows and engulfs it, becoming expanded by the addition of experience and insight. In time, causing the soul to give rise to yet another mind like cell division in the body.

Minds are the cells of the souls tissues. The quantum membrane is a tissue formed by the souls operating here at this time. The glue that links these soul cells is the observer effect. Love is the willingness to fully experience anything or anyone.

Our souls reproduce? They grow. They don’t need to reproduce because they do not die. But there is a soul grafting process.

What happens to the new mind that is created? It goes on to function as an individual awareness, and feed back its experiences to the soul.

A wise person has a large soul so has access to a lot of knowledge? Yes, indeed, and there can be a voluntary shriving which usually happens when one crosses the universal barrier.

My soul can have multiple minds? It can and does, and sometimes you experience those other minds. It’s the reason you don’t always recognize your own behaviour, or think you recall something that your close friends and relatives insist never happened. Minds are public domain, with some restrictions of course.

When my soul gets a lot of minds, it can offer some to another universe? It can and does, yes. These are what we call here, new souls. They aren’t actually new souls, just exchange students.

Is there still communication still? There is.

Could they have more experience? Yes. A dimensional immersion program, if you will. So far, it hasn’t gone well with earth. Earth minds tend to be hugely xenophobic. I blame the otherwise privileged lives they live.

Haven’t they been conditioned that way? They have, yes, though they still have responsibility for that conditioning.

If they are aware of the conditioning. Yes. There is no actual benchmark anyone has to live up to, nor any actual time that any state has to be reached by, but there are interdimensional events that do happen whether the locals are ready or not. It can be hard on those who have been dragging their spiritual feet. This is perhaps the origin of the apocalypse visions. Distorted perception of the potential consequence of backward attitudes.

Like people on a tour, they can get so spread out that at some point you have to round people up to get back on the bus, so to speak. Yes. Nobody ever gets lost, but they do get stressed, and sometimes they do get on another bus. Still not lost though. It is the same multiverse.

Is that how some disappear? It’s the primary way. The editors aren’t authority figures. They don’t even deal with people directly, not in most cases.

Who has disappeared? Gurus have among others. Methuselah from the Bible, historical shamans have, Merlin did. It could be a long list if the records were any good, but the human story is just starting.

I think some have disappeared from earth and instead live on the internet. It’s not an entirely absurd notion.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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